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Great Business Signs for More Business

Visuals Can Make or Break a Company!


If you do not have eye appealing custom business signs depicting who and what your company is, then you are not sending a good message to the existing customers you have, nor to potential clients.  The visual posting you decide on will represent you and your company.  It will be the first impression people get.  Your reputation as a good company can do a lot when it comes to bringing in new clients.  Whether you realize it or not, postings are the face of your livelihood and will attract people on a daily basis.

The first signs you need to consider are the main exterior architectural signs that will be seen from either several blocks, or several miles away.  These should incorporate your company logo, slogan, and any contact information.  These graphics will also be what brands you in your advertisements for your company, especially when you market through the newspapers and on the Internet.  When people see it, they should instantly think of your company.  You need to use the least amount of letters you can, but still effectively relay the intended message.  Bold and vibrant colors are also very helpful.   With bright coloring, you will ensure that your business signs can be seen from afar.  Although using a unique font for the letters can make it more attractive, you have to be careful not to make it too complex which could cause it to be to difficult to read at first glance. 

Exterior business signs or wayfinding signage are the promotional tools that bring potential customers into your store or office.  If you have a store that is located in a strip mall, then a sandwich sign might be the perfect nostalgic sign to attract passersby.  They might not even be thinking about your store until they see brightly decorated letters informing them of how great of a deal they can get if they come inside.  Banners can also be used as murals on an exterior wall as an attractive means of catching the public’s attention.   This will attract onlookers or people that are simply driving by.

After people see your company's logo on signs, they will be sure come to your store, or make note of it and contact you for services needed.  By keeping it simple while making it big and bold, you will not let your customers down by having bad business signs that are confusing.  There are so many different design options to choose from.  Illuminated neon signs are a popular choice because the bright colors prompt the eye to go directly to them.  You can opt to hang one in your front window to let everyone know if you are open or closed.

Once they enter your door, banners are another great way to let people know of any specials or sales you may be having.  They come in various sizes as well, and they are easy to hang just about anywhere.  Plastic holders can be very useful.  They allow you to display sales or promotions all over the store, reminding people at every turn.  They are very versatile, and your options for displaying them are vast including the easily portable retractable banners. Also important arewayfinding signage and ADA signs (Americans with Disabilities Act) which help all of your patrons find their way to and around your office or store.

With all of the varieties of signage to choose from, you are bound to find the perfect option to suit your advertising needs.

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