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Though glass printing can be achieved through screen printing or etching, today’s new printing technology has made screen printing on glass quite affordable when compared to etching. It is now possible to have photographs, graphics, colors, logos and many other items vibrantly rendered with glass printing on many glass items including windows.

Wine bottles that incorporate glass printing make great gift ideas.  Instead of the traditional maker’s label, you can opt for your corporate information to be printed right on the bottle of wine instead.  This would make a unique gift that would be used and enjoyed for a long time to come.  In your customers’ private bar or wine cellar, it would be a constant and lasting reminder of your company.  This now becomes not only a great gift idea but a wonderful marketing tool that is unique and stylish.  Your guests, colleagues and employees will be extremely appreciative of your thoughtful gift while never giving its dual role a second thought—not your average sign, but a memorable one.

If you have a winery, café, hotel or sporting club, glassware is a great option for achieving brand recognition.  You can pick from stemware of all types, colors, and sizes including pint or even shot-sized ones.  Water goblets can be used as well.  How about beautiful tumblers with glass print for tea?  It doesn’t matter what type of tumblers or goblets that you use in your business, you can serve up a drink with your logo or message by serving them in printed goblets that become distinctive custom signs to advertise your company. Many businesses even sell these useful signs or offer them as prizes to extend their reach even more.

As paper labels begin to age over time and the adhesive begins to let go. Glass printing eliminates this problem extending the lifetime of your branding while gaining a much sleeker look with a creative flair.

If you are planning a wedding, glass print can be a great solution to the gift idea for the attendees.  You could opt to give bottles of wine or champagne that is personalized for the occasion with the name of the bride and groom proudly displayed on the bottle along with their wedding date.  You could also give stemware of all sizes and shapes that display the same information.  It would be a wonderful memento for friends and family to cherish for years to come.

Glass printing can also be used when deciding on signage for your business.  Clear, or frosted, these transparent signs offer a sleek, contemporary alternative. Standard signs pale in comparison. Architectural signs and other custom signs made with screen printing on glass are sure to get plenty of attention and will be used when other marketing media are long gone. 

You can also use displays for your products that have your graphics beautifully imprinted on the transparent panes.  This would be a great idea for a boutique looking for a fashionable way to print information for retail displays

Kaiser Industries, sign experts for over twenty years, are on the cutting edge of this new technology, as well as with the entire gamut of signs in use today from banners to trade show displays to colorful moving fleet wraps that take your message on the road.

Kaiser International services the following Suburbs and Counties in Houston TX:

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    Finding Reliable Glass Printing Services
    If there is one thing any reputable and reliable sign company does for clients, it is glass printing services. Having the chance to better advertise and market via doors, windows, and even skylights offer a business an affordable marketing and advertising solution that is both passive and effective....
    Printing On Glass Offers A Unique Opportunity
    There is a lot that goes into printing on glass. The process is not complicated, but a lot depends on the type of technique utilized for getting that personalized and customized look for the surface. The three most popular techniques are etching, printing, and silk screening.
    Benefits From Using Glass Printing Services
    Benefits from glass printing services have a direct effect on the value of the property and the surface on which is etched. Having the best techniques and equipment insures proper handling of the project, allowing for maximum benefits from the surface owner.
    Adding A Print To Glass
    There is a new way to put images onto crystal, whether it is a window or a souvenir, adding a print to glass is an excellent way to advertise.
    Looking Into A Screen Print On Glass
    Thanks to the innovation from the technologically savvy industry that oversees screen print, glass is now a new canvas on which any type of graphic or image can be transferred to with ease.
    The Process Of Screen Printed Glass
    Where it was once necessary to have windows painted now screen printed glass technology makes that an obsolete process. It used to take a painter a very long time to meticulously paint each letter onto a window for a business.
    Printing Photographs On Glass
    Printing photographs on glass is an amazingly artistic and beautiful way to display any image. Perfect as a gift for oneís self or others, having such magnificence displayed in a business or gallery is a treat.
    A Print Onto Glass Is A Great Option For Advertising
    A print onto glass may be one option for a company for advertising the business, or for other purposes. It can be made from a digital image, photo, or artwork.
    The Many Of Ways You Can Print On Glass
    There are many ways that one can print on glass. Over the years, technology has made advancements that have made the art of print on glass even more accessible to small and large businesses.
    The Advantages Of Printed Glass
    It is easy to catch someoneís eye by using printed glass to sell a product or advertise a business. Many people can be persuaded when walking past walls, signs and other types of advertising propaganda, and they often donít even realize that they are looking at it.
    Glass Photo Printing Blends Art & Advertising
    Glass photo printing has become a very popular way to artistically express and display those treasured mementos. Since the birth of the photograph in the 19th century, artists and commercial photographers alike have been constantly searching for new bounds to push their works.
    Using A Glass Printing Machine
    Using a glass printing machine to transfer letters or an image to a door or window of a business is a very wise choice today. It is much faster than previous methods and the quality has improved greatly.
    How Prints On Glass Started
    The process to print on glass dates back to 16th century Europe. Whether for portraiture work or advertising, this has long been a method to create stunning as well as commercially productive signage with glass prints.
    Ideas For Photo Prints On Glass
    Photo prints on glass can be done using either screen-printing or etching. Etching is a rather expensive endeavor while the other option is much more cost effective.
    Advertising With Color Printing On Glass
    Where everyone once had to rely on a painted surface for colorful advertising, they can now have color printing on glass to enhance their businesses appearance.
    What Is A Glass Print
    Glass print is a type of advertising or personalization that a person can get done on bottles and stemware, as well as on their windows for advertising purposes. Many tourist hot spots do this technique to make souvenirs for people to buy.
    Using Glass Printing For Your Business
    Glass printing is becoming more and more prevalent in the business district as well as the personal and healthcare circles. It gives an artistic effect and style while putting the message you want conveyed out there for the public to see.
    Ways To Use Printed Glass Tiles
    The spa, fitness club and hotels used to be the only places you could find printed glass tiles. This luxury was thought to be only available to the corporate world or the very wealthy. No longer is this the mainstay.
    All About Printed Glass Panels
    When looking for printed glass panels or tiles, you have many options to choose from. You will find that many companies offer a huge range of products from shower doors to range top covers. From art pieces the size of a wall to a table top picture frame.
    Personalize With Screen Printing On Glass
    Screen printing on glass is one awesome way to personalize and revamp ordinary glass into a piece of art that stands out among all others. It is also an accomplished type of artwork that several people have been able to master throughout the years.
    Screen Printing on Glass
    Screen printing on glass has supplanted age old glass printing has thanks to new technology, and itís more affordable, too.
    Pint Glass Printing
    Custom pint glass printing makes any home bar distinctively your own and you can be certain that no one else will be giving personalized stemware at a bachelorís party or as wedding gifts!
    Glass Print
    Glass print technology has come a long way. Todayís technology weds new inks to heat treating that produces lasting images at affordable prices.
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