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Glass print technology has come a long way. Today’s technology weds new inks to heat treating that produces lasting images at affordable prices. From delicately haunting to life-like 3-D images, glass print provides an innovative approach to modernizing your home, advertising your business, or creating a fascinating piece of artwork for your office.  Add lighting to your glass printing to make it a distinctive and unforgettable offering to behold.

High definition U.V. inkjet technology makes the process an affordable alternative to other types of printed materials. You can incorporate logos, photos, graphics and lettering in a finished piece that is highly functional and decorative. A specially designed oven fires the ink in order for it to stick to the surface, solvents are then released that help strengthen the bond, allowing the ink to adhere. The glass print artist will pay close attention to the ink adhesion specifications.  Your printing professional will also be able to apply your specific design on any surface of this type, including tempered, annealed, and in some cases even safety glass.

Customized glass print can be used to set initials and the date in stemware for a wedding.  Or you could opt to use this type of printing for mirrors or room dividers to add your own style and statement to your home or office space.  By utilizing custom printing of this type, you could turn an ordinary item into a personalized work of art. This process can also be used to apply images on perfume bottles, mirrors, and exit and other wayfinding signs.

Because adhesive signs such as advertising decals eventually begin to peel, this type of printing would be much more professional and long lasting on windows or doors.  Traditional signage that is used in this manner, such as adhesive decals, hand painting, or hanging signs can become an expense as they age.  Glass print makes beautiful signs that last for years.

Some examples of artwork you can use with glass printing include textures, photographs, illusions, and logos.  You could opt to use a layered look to create a 3D illusion and make a memorable and positive impression.  Images being used in an outdoor setting are printed with UV cured ink to help stop the fading process.  Your geographic location will be the final determination on how long your product remains crisp and clear.

Corporations often distribute glassware that displays their name and logo to their customers and employees.  Other organizations such as country clubs sell crystal ware that has the insignia of the organization proudly displayed.  Any occasion that calls for something special can be marked by customized memorabilia that has been processed in this way.

If you are looking for a keepsake for an event, or memorable signage to advertise your business, this might be your answer.  With so many options to choose from, and high quality printing processes, style and custom personalization has never been so affordable or attainable.  What a beautiful alternative to ordinary custom signs!

Kaiser Industries has been making signs for over twenty years to help businesses and individuals get their message out. Their staff is knowledgeable in graphics and marketing and can help you with all your signage needs from screen printing on glass to banners, architectural signs, and trade show displays. Call us today if you have any signs you need!

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