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Exploring How Display Systems Work

Exhibiting products or services at trade shows, fairs, or other events means exploring how display systems can work for a business in this type of atmosphere.  There are a variety of popular styles for these exhibits that the business's marketing crew can choose from.  Some of them may consist of custom modular units, popup exhibits, and modular panel units.  However, all such units have similarities that help advertise and sell specific products or services.  It is vital for the success of a business to ensure the exhibit matches the need.

What are the basic sections of available display systems, and how do each of the components work together to promote a business?

Flooring – Many exhibits make use of custom made flooring, but not all will benefit from this added expense. There are numerous options available ranging from hard wood, faux wood, vinyl, and tile.  Flooring is useful because it separates the entire exhibit from surrounding exhibits.  When a person steps into the display, it can replicate stepping right into the actual place of business.  However, most exhibitors may not want to have decking if the trade show is held outdoors. 

Trusses – A truss is the actual framework for the display systems.  There are a variety of options that are popularly used.  The framing can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  In addition, they can be designed to be as intricate or as durable as will be needed.  Trusses are used to outline the exhibit space.  They may be used to showcase a monitor or a line of products.  These units are built specifically to separate themselves from other custom exhibits.  Sometimes, this framing is used to separate multiple sections of a single exhibit for added enhancement.

Lighting – Lights and light boxes are an extremely important part of any exhibit.  A variety of illuminating fixtures can be utilized to showcase specific information.  They can simply set the entire area aglow or they can illuminate a specific area within the exhibit.  There are numerous types of fixtures popular with showcasing a specific product or service.  In addition, it will help improve the safety of guests and the security of equipment and merchandise to be well lit.

Graphics – There is nothing that grabs the attention of would be customers or clients like exceptional digital graphics.  They can come in all shapes and sizes and often include vinyl banners, backdrops, brochures, and anything else that can showcase the company logo and pertinent contact information. Graphical designs can be customized to meet the need of the exhibit owner.  Signage of any type can be used to draw the visitor’s eyes to specific sections of the unit.

Podiums – A podium is ideal for allowing a speaker to address a crowd, or it sets up the ideal location for those who have questions or are interested in making a purchase.  They are an elegant part of any exhibit.  When it comes to display systems, the podium sets the speaker or merchant apart from the crowd.  They come in various different sizes, colors, materials, and shapes.  Another useful option is to attract visitors into the exhibit by adding the company's logo on the front and sides of the stand.

There are numerous elements involved in making these display systems stand out from the competition.  Hiring a professional company insures that maximum exposure will be utilized to achieve better results.  They are designed to bring potential clients and customers into the exhibit area, ultimately leading to increased revenue.

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