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Directional Signs Play A Huge Role In Everyday Life

Take a drive or a walk and look around at the many directional signs that will be encountered.  They are literally everywhere.  These instructional placards are a necessity in the city and in the country.  Everyone relies on them to find a place to park, an exit on a freeway, or the address they are looking for.  Once they get there, they rely on them to help navigate their way back again.  

In buildings such as hospitals, there are directional signs that indicate which department is to the right, left, and straight ahead.  They point the way to the restrooms, telephones, vending machines, the cafeteria, and the emergency room.  They also show the safest and quickest way to exit the building in the event there is an evacuation due to fire or any other type of disaster. 

Anyone who has ever entered a large skyscraper knows that without directional signs it would be extremely easy to get lost.  Often there are directories in the lobby that indicate what floor each office is on and where the elevators are located.  Once the appropriate floor is reached, there are identifying placards in the lobby of the floor and on or to the side of each door.  This makes it much easier to navigate the building without having to seek assistance from others.

Without directional signs, finding out where the attractions might be at the zoo or an amusement park might be next to impossible.  Being able to see the banner and the arrow pointing the way can save a lot of time from excess walking and frustration.  In addition, it is a must to know where the first aid office is just in case there is an emergency.  Placards will point the way so that help can be located.

Imagine trying to find an address in a large city if there were no directional signs to indicate the name of each street.  These valuable tools are often taken for granted, but without them there would be nothing but chaos. 

Navigating one’s way through large buildings and complexes such as an airport would be daunting if the various carriers did not have an identifying banner.  Finding the proper gate would entail asking people and hoping that they are giving the correct information. 

When traveling, there would be no way to know how far the next city or rest area would be up ahead without these vital postings.  Finding gasoline would be difficult.  Once a station was located, there would be no way of knowing how much per gallon the gas was without signage displaying the price. 

From grocery stores to colleges, the flow of information would slow down to a mere crawl without these very necessary pointers.  Even using a GPS system to navigate would be of no assistance if there were no other way to identify the city, state, or address once the traveler reached their destination.  They wouldn’t even know what highway or interstate they were on without the markers on the road to display the number.  These placards that are everywhere play a huge role in everyday life, and it would be very difficult to find one’s way without them.

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