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Different Examples Of Signage

No matter where you wander, you will see many examples of signage.  Whether it is a label on an office door or the placard in the lobby, you will see this type of thing throughout your day. There are many popular types encountered on daily commutes to and from work.  Some may display the street or route name that you are on.  You may see one that advertises a going out of business sale, while  others may be wayfinding indicators on the road that point you to the next exit or the nearest gas station.  There will be one in place to announce the upcoming city on your route.  Others will tell you to merge, yield, stop, or alert you that it is a one-way street only.  Some will declare a business is open and others will declare that it is closed.  The one in front of the local high school might display the upcoming school dance or when report cards will next be issued.

Signage is all around us because it is an extremely effective form of advertising.  Whether it is posted on a stationary pole, or as a retractable banner, or even traveling past you on the side of a truck or van, the vibrant colors and messaging of today’s advertising begs you to pay attention to it and that is, of course, the goal.  They announce a store’s hours of operation, pricing, website address, physical brick and mortar address, telephone number and any other information that might be useful to the consumer or the next potential customer. 

Though some signs used today are made of materials such as metal, glass or corrugated cardboard, the most popular types are made of vinyl and acrylic.  Their attributes have revolutionized the graphics industry and made them available to more people than ever before. They are reasonably inexpensive, lightweight, flexible, weather resistant, and have stunning clarity and color.  You can incorporate photographs, color graphics, contrasting backgrounds, colored and raised fonts and a plethora of other attention getting ideas into signage made from these materials.

They hang horizontally, vertically, and even diagonally.  You see them directly in front of businesses or towering way above them such as those close to an interstate or highway.  They may be small, large, or any other size in between.  Some are even in foreign languages and in Braille.

While advertising placards are plentiful outside on roadways and along walkways, there are also many indoor places where they are displayed as well.  Large buildings that house many different types of businesses and offices would be confusing mazes without directories.  Once a destination is reached, they can be seen on each doorway to identify the room’s use or its occupant.  You will see pictorial and Braille signage that indicates the nearest restroom or area where you can use a telephone.  You will even encounter them inside restrooms reminding employees to wash their hands before returning to work as well as in hallways directing occupants to the nearest exit in the event of an emergency. 

From impressive architectural signage to vehicle graphics and trade show displays, signs help the world go round. Kaiser Industries is company with more than 20 years of experience helping people communicate their messages. Call today to see how we can help you.

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