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Custom Vehicle Graphics

If you want to change the way your vehicle looks, custom vehicle graphics is definitely the way to go.  They are self-adhesive vinyl wraps that can be printed on.  If you can imagine it, then it can be printed.  These wraps can be applied to your car, truck or van and change the appearance to reflect your company, products, advertizing campaign, or anything else you care to promote.

Though painting a vehicle can require thousands of dollars and demand a great deal of downtime, custom vehicle graphics are so colorful and cost effective that they will fool even a professional painter.   Painting your vehicle is permanent and would require being repainted should you decide to change the appearance, or want to sell your vehicle at a later time.  However, vinyl wraps can simply be removed without scraping and peeling, or repainting to reveal the vehicle’s original paint.  This is an invaluable tool if you want to customize your vehicle while you use it, and then improve the resale value in the future when you sell it by simply and painlessly removing your graphics.

Custom vehicle graphics aren’t just a personal decorating option.  You can also print logos, messages, and other business advertisements on vinyl vehicle wraps.  This would be a terrific option because of the cost effectiveness.  Because they are removable, you could have more than one type of wrap to display different messages for various events or seasons.  This would allow you to promote a sale or a seasonal event and then simply remove it once that time period has ended.  You could then replace it with other vehicle graphic wraps that allowed exposure of your next sales event or seasonal offering. These mobile signs go where your customers are, finding you new ones along the way.

Thanks to affordable custom vehicle graphics design even individuals can now afford to turn their vehicle into a personalized work of art that has been designed by you, allowing you to flaunt your own flair and style.  Imagine being able to drive down the road in a one of a kind vehicle that is so much more than just a factory fresh look.  Your own style could be incorporated into the vehicle that you drive and set you apart from the rest of the vehicles on the road.   You could make your own personal statement just by driving to the grocery store or the gym, displaying your own personalized canvas wherever you go with custom vehicle graphics.

There is no limit to the possibilities of custom vehicle graphics.  If you can imagine it, it can become a reality through this amazing type of graphic display.  Whether you are looking for something to personalize your own private vehicle, or if you want the advertising power of a mobile billboard, custom vinyl wraps deliver.  When you realize the cost effectiveness of vinyl wraps versus painting, the choice becomes clear.  Not only is this method of customization limitless and unique, but it is also removable.  This is just one of the attractive and valuable advantages of vinyl vehicle graphics wraps.  The ability to either change the message, the graphics, or take the vinyl off altogether offers a versatility that isn’t found with the traditional methods of customizing a car, such as painting or detailing.

Kaiser Graphics, in business for 25 years is your signs expert. We can help you design and install private and commercial car wrap graphics, architectural signs, banners of all kinds, and trade show displays. Call now to find out how we can help you succeed with your next project.

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