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Custom Plastic Fabrication

Custom plastic fabrication is available if you need signs or acrylic display units that you haven’t been able to find in any sign catalogs. You will have to find a sign company that can help you design and then make your sign or display. Custom plastic fabrication allows the signs and displays you use to perfectly reflect your home, business, or interests. You can even have things made for use in the lab. The hardest part is often finding a reliable graphics and sign company with the acrylic fabrication skills and personnel needed to fabricate your custom sign or acrylic display case. Good indicators of a dependable company include longevity--one that has been around for a while, and one that is happy to let you contact satisfied customers. Kaiser Industries is a prime example of one. They’ve been I around for more than twenty years, sell standard products, but also have staff members with expertise in graphics and marketing as well as experienced acrylic fabricators to meet your every need when it comes to custom signs.

All you need to do is point them toward a product that is similar to the one you need, send them any graphics or logos you want incorporated into your architectural signs and you are well on your way. There are a large variety of signs and sign displays.  You can nearly always find one that is nearly right except for height or width, or perhaps branding with your logo or design.  Custom plastic fabrication means that you do not have to make do with a sign that is almost, but not quite, good enough. Before finalizing your purchase, make sure the company can make the type of signs you want in the quantities you’ll need.  Some companies can make both small and large production runs, so you just need to be sure that you’re working with one that can produce the size and number of signs you are looking for.

In addition to the shape of the sign, custom plastic fabrication allows you the option of adding your own designs and decorations or logo, or even lighting. You might opt to just add some color, or maybe you’d like to brand it with your company logo or other design elements that will brand the sign as your own. If you are ordering wayfinding signs, the help of graphics experts can save you from making costly errors that might result from failing to comply with American Disability Act requirements. A well-established sign company will know the ins and outs of how much you can brand ADA signage while still being in compliance so as to meet the needs of all your customers.

If you can imagine a sign but can’t find one ready-made, or if you are gathering signs and materials to mark your territory in the trade show exhibit hall custom plastic fabrication can help you create the materials you need to present your company to the public. Kaiser Industries can help you with all of these as well as banners, signs of all types, and vehicle graphics. Call us today.

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