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Custom Acrylic Fabrication

Custom acrylic fabrication is the art of producing car wrap graphics to fit your needs.  Acrylic is one of the most versatile, popular, and attractive materials used for imaging today.  It can be used to do individual lettering, wraps, window decals that allow you to still see through them, and much more.  You can use this material to accent your car with pinstripes, racing stripes, flames, lettering, numbering or anything else that you would want to add to make your car, truck or van a more personalized statement.   

With all the usable space available on your vehicle, why not take advantage of the advertising potential?  You can use custom acrylic fabrication to create a rolling sign or billboard to showcase your business, and do so in a unique way that gives you a competitive edge.    Because you can choose your own colors, fonts, graphics and photographs, you can give your business a one of a kind calling card that rivals the competition with this state of the art advertising means. 

Seamlessly matching your company's branding and messaging, vinyl car wraps can go where traditional methods of advertising can't--affordably reaching more potential customers.  Not everyone watches television or reads the newspaper.  And magazines and flyers are not as effective for reaching the masses either. And often times they end up in the recycling bin before they are even read.  Advertising in phone directories like the yellow pages has become less effective because many people choose to use online searches for a method of locating a business.  By using this form of reaching people, you are not reliant upon potential consumers to find you in a newspaper, magazine, or yellow page ad.  You don’t have to hope that they will tune into your television commercial in order to reach them, which can be one of the most expensive ways to promote your services.  You are bringing the promotion to them every day as they travel through town, commute to work on the highway, or even in a parking lot while your vehicle is not in use.  As you pass by in your vehicle, your message is clearly visible through the use of beautiful and colorful custom acrylic fabrication art. 

Custom acrylic fabrication allows you to give your vehicle more appeal without spending thousands of dollars on a custom paint job.  Not only are acrylic fabrications more affordable, they also require less time to install and incur minimal downtime.  Vehicle wraps are also easily removed in the event that you decide you would like another look, or if you choose to restore the car to the original paint job, or to put on a new one to match your latest advertising campaign. 

There is no damage to the underlying paint whatsoever.  As a matter of fact, custom acrylic fabrications can actually protect your paint from sun damage, chipping and peeling, as well as small abrasions that can occur from debris hitting your car on roadways.  Because of the fact that the fleet wraps can be removed and work as a protectant, they also help preserve the value of your vehicles making it easier when and if you decide to sell any of them in the future. Removal is as easy as peeling the acrylic wrap off of your car.  While it is in place it is durable, yet it is simple to remove without damaging the paint.

Kaiser Graphics have been in business for 25 years making signs from graphics and design to installation services. If you need signage--we can help: signs, wayfinding and ADA signage, trade show exhibits, and banners.

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