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Great Business Signs Make A Good Impression

Great business signs are a necessity if you want to make a great first impression.  A sign does much more than announce the name of your company—it also reflects your style of doing business. A faded or dirty sign can have a negative impact on that first impression. Conversely, winning custom signs are great marketing tools.  Custom business signs can shine a spotlight on your business and make it your company calling card.

Before you hang a sign you need to make sure of the local laws pertaining to signage.  In many cases you will need to acquire a permit to hang a sign and there may also be restrictions on the size of the sign face as well as the size of the lettering.

Your sign can also provide other information such as your telephone number.  This provides a contact point for a later time when your prospective customer will need your product or service and remember your number.  However you want to be careful not to include too much information on your sign as it most likely is being read at a glance.

Keep in mind that most exterior architectural signs are carefully balanced, well-proportioned and tastefully color coordinated.  This is crucial when designing your sign.   However if you are looking for a different approach to being noticed then over the top might just be exactly what you’re seeking.  The choice is as individual as the business signs themselves.

If you are in town you want the sign to be lower because the average driver will only view signs at the height of the windshield.  If you are on a highway you will want your business sign to be taller as the driver will still be viewing the sign at the windshield height but at a farther distance.

There are literally a plethora of choices when it comes to business signs.  You can choose metal signs, glass, vinyl, wood, tin, fiberglass, or custom acrylic fabrication.  You might decide on a sign that is illuminated from within or one that’s surrounded by lights or neon around the outside.

When designing your custom business signs, you will need to decide if you want graphics or photographs on your sign.  If your company has a logo or mascot you may consider using it on your business sign to ensure brand recognition.  If your business is based around a persona then you might consider including the picture of that person.  Each situation is unique to the business and therefore an opportunity to create a business sign that is uniquely yours.

While the choices seem endless they can also seem daunting.  If you aren’t sure what you want your custom business sign to be then you can consult the specialists, like those at Kaiser Industries who will design one for you.  They can also help you consistently brand your logo and message across all of your signs from the banners on your trade show display to vehicle wraps for your fleet. From design to installation services—they can help you with all of your signs. Whatever you choose will be the first thing your prospective clients see when walking in your door so make that great first impression with your custom signs.

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