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The Aspects Of ADA Elevator Sign

An ADA elevator sign can help identify the elevator and give some important instructions to go along with it.  While the placard may be a bold burst of color or contrast of black and white, the better to catch your eye, it also has an additional aspect to it.  It is designed to help people who are blind as well.  These placards are designed in such a way that they include braille along part of the placard in order to make it easier for someone with visual handicaps to identify the location. They can help you find your way around, and can give you specific information you may need to know for certain situations. For example, an ADA elevator sign you may encounter is one that instructs you not to use it in the case of a fire.  Instead, you are told to use the staircase to make your exit.  This can be very helpful in an emergency.  You might not have all your wits about you and be rather frantic if you’re in the situation where you do encounter a fire in the building.  You wouldn’t want to get onto the elevator in a panic situation, even though you’ve known better for most of your life.  Instead, this signage is designed so that you’d see them and then seek out an alternative so you could escape the building safely.  You certainly don’t want to be stuck in a place without means of escape with a fire raging through the building, so that placard could prove very useful in such a situation. It might even save your life to be reminded that you shouldn’t use a mechanical method of getting to the ground floor

An ADA elevator sign, like other ADA signs, has to follow certain regulations and guidelines.  These guidelines change periodically, so you’ll want to be sure you know the regulations, or can trust that the merchant you’re purchasing from does. There are guidelines regarding the fonts that can be used on the placards.  The fonts used have to be clear and easy to read, and there are restrictions on some specific fonts that may make it more difficult to read.  There are ADA compliant sign guidelines regarding the color options you choose as well.  You would need to pick a high contrast for your colors.  You don’t have to use specific colors, necessarily, but you would need to have contrasting dark and light for the text and the background.  There are also rules regarding the exact placement of an ADA elevator sign.  Of course, there are also regulations for the braille placement on any placard that is used.  Any placard of this type will have to be placed within a certain distance from the floor or ceiling, and also within a certain distance off to the side from the door opening.  It will also need to be non-glossy to make it easier for anyone with a visual impairment to be able to read it. As long as you are dealing with a reputable company, they should be able to address any questions you might have about being in compliance with your ADA elevator sign.

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