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Acrylic Fabrication ( 22 )

Unlike so many graphics or signs companies, at Kaiser Graphics all we do is signage. Whether printed or fabricated, our staff is experienced in all phases from design to installation services.

The new acrylic signs are beautiful, durable, and made completely on our premises. If you need to have an acrylic sign or display designed, made, and installed, let our experts at Kaiser Graphics help you!

Acrylic fabrication can make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for as you set up your restaurant or other food service establishment. For the kitchen, you can find all sorts of plastic items that help you serve others. You can also have a large number of signs made, especially if you’d like people to know exactly where everything belongs. Maybe you’d like a sign by the coffee to indicate what the choices are. There are bakery displays where you can display those fresh from the oven muffins or cookies, and your signs can identify those sweets as well. There are condiment holders, which can make it easy for someone to find the honey or the right jelly. Your fountain drink dispenser might feature different sizes of cups and lids, and acrylic fabrication helps make it easy for your customers to know which lid they need. This material is used in signs for all types of purposes.

Acrylic fabrication is incredibly versatile with many different looks, styles, and even purposes. From custom illuminated outdoor architectural signs to specially designed display cases and signs in stores and businesses everywhere—the usefulness of custom acrylic fabrication (sometimes also called Lucite or plexiglass fabrication) is unending. Beautiful acrylic plaques, trophies, awards and even artwork extend the utility of acrylic for stores, businesses, non-profits, and individuals everywhere.

No matter your business or specialty, acrylic fabrication is affordable, functional, and chic. If you’re outfitting a sporting goods store, there is any number of sign products displays available that will make your business more efficient in a unique way.  Whether you need branded retail display stands to showcase an individual knife, or a number of different knives, bow and arrows or athletic shoes displays, the options you have are limited only by your imagination with these custom made displays. Of course there are also many different acrylic wayfinding signs that will help people effortlessly navigate the aisles of your store.

If you’re looking for signs and retail displays for a cosmetic or jewelry counter, or for a retail clothing store, a complete sign company can come through for you with custom signs solutions. Displays come in all sizes and shapes, from small to huge, and some can swivel on their base for an easier way to view the merchandise. There are also cases that lock, so you have that added security if you want to include some more valuable items in your inventory. You can have any display custom made and branded with your logo or integrated signs through acrylic fabrication.

Though you may be overwhelmed by just how many there are, the company you choose to work will be able to help you narrow down your sign choices, and provide you with details and ideas for any custom signs you may need. Kaiser Industries has been helping people with signs of all kinds for nearly 25 years: from banners to kiosks and trade show displays. Call them today to get the ball rolling. 

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ADA Signage ( 14 )

ADA signage—though visible nearly everywhere, most people wouldn’t recognize them as ADA signs. As a Nation, though, we’ve become familiar with the distinctive wheelchair signs signifying parking spaces as being reserved for the handicapped ever since the initial passage of the American Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, amended in 2008. The term “signage” merely refers to the rules which apply to the placement and nature of signs in a commercial area.

We’re all familiar with signs that are composed of a combination of symbols and Braille to identify rooms and doors in office buildings, schools, hospitals, doctors’ offices, and businesses everywhere. In order for your signs to be ADA-compliant every business owner must be knowledgeable about where and when to place the wayfinding and  ADA signage.

The size and spacing of the letters are required to be of a specific size and width determined by the distance from which the sign is to be read. Each sign, in addition to the pictograph, and Braille lettering, must also have a verbal written description as can be seen in the rest room signs below. Not everyone realizes that Braille is available in different languages, so if you live in a major metropolitan area with large populations who speak and read Braille in different languages, it is a good idea to post multiple versions of the tactile lettering.

You may never have noticed before, but single door entries have these signs mounted on the side of the door leading into the office or room which has the latch or door knob. This is the most visible and convenient place to hang them and is also within the ADA signage guidelines.

If the door is a double door with one inactive door, the sign may be placed on the inactive or immobilized door. If both doors are in active use, then the sign must be hung on the wall to the right of the door on the right-hand side. Of course, if there is no available wall space immediately next to the door or doors, then the nearest adjacent wall should be the location for the sign.

For safety reasons, the placement of the signs has been designated to the inch in the ADA signage rules in order to keep visitors clear of the doors and entry ways while searching for the desired room.

If you are opening a business and need more information, a good place to go to find out what all of your options are which meet or exceed ADA standards is a dedicated sign company. Kaiser Graphics is a company whose only business is signs. So if you are uncertain as to what your requirements are, your choices of color and types of ADA signage, as well as installation help, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you through the entire process affordably so both you and your mobility or visually impaired clients will all be pleased. We can also help you will all of your other signage needs large or small: architectural signs and acrylic fabrication, graphics, vehicle graphics and wraps, trade show displays, and banners of all kinds.

Kaiser International services the following Suburbs and Counties in Houston TX:

Architectural Signs ( 16 )

The architectural signs and graphics your company uses to project your company’s image from the moment they drive up to your location has immense impact. Your signage solutions should be designed to integrate the location, purpose, and branding of your company from first glance. If you are looking to make your business a success, your architectural signs should not be the least expensive rendering of your logo and company name.

From the exterior to the interior your signs should constantly reinforce your branding and purpose. Even with ADA signs and signage you still have some flexibility in matching your décor through color and in a few other stylistic ways. By carving out a holistic continuance between your exterior architectural sign and your interior architectural signage, from your company name and logo to ADA and wayfinding signs, to subtle sales and other interior signs placed about, you are establishing yourself and your business as a serious company with a mission and purpose which defines your very space. The impact of this design from the outside in cannot be overemphasized. It can give your clients a deep-rooted confidence in your ability to help them with whatever brought them to your door. Inexpensive signs can give the opposite impression and send your clients to another company that does a better job of presenting themselves as an expert in the field.

Because signs and graphic art are such an important part of PR and branding, it’s not surprising that your architectural sign and signage design is closely aligned with architectural design, and as such is heavily influenced by the schools of art which influence the design. The art style you choose to represent your business can help brand your company. For instance, a spa and resort should blend effortlessly with the spa’s self-identity. If it has an island name, pastels and design inspired by an island paradise can help set the mood as “pure,” “natural,” and “relaxing.” The signs could be island rustic, perhaps even hanging between log posts. If you set the stage outside, clients would begin to shed the cares and stresses of their lives as soon as they drove up to your establishment. This design integrity is an important but often overlooked and underfunded chance to underscore your company’s quality and expertise to client’s without saying a word.

Only an established firm which has a superior graphic arts department that understands the importance of choosing the right materials and design to pull together the exterior building and location can blend it with your company’s logo, purpose, and mission on the architectural sign. If that graphics design center also has the talent on board to create and then install the signs you’ll need, it’s even better.

A great sign company will also be able to help you with all of your signs from printed flyers and banners to trade show exhibits that can bring your branding and space design to the trade show floor as well as to the acrylic fabrication of your custom signs and displays. It can also help you brand your company from the first glimpse your clients and associates have of it all the way to their last sight out of the corner of their eye. A company like Kaiser Graphics is just such a company. Printing and signs have been our only focus for over 23 years.

Kaiser International and its group of companies is based in Houston Texas however we are no stranger to servicing businesses outside of our area and have serviced clients in all 50 states including New York NY, Los Angeles CA, Miami, FL. Chicago, IL. Denver CO., El Paso, Texas, Dallas TX DFW, San Antonio, TX, Austin, TX, Boise ID, Atlanta GA, Raleigh-Durham NC, Washington DC, Albuquerque NM, Huntsville AL, Fayetteville AR, N Norfolk VA ,  and Madison WI.

Banners ( 13 )

Make your next gathering even more special with our dazzling banners!

If you love gatherings--any kind of large gathering: family, business, or social, you'll like them even more with custom made banners? Holidays and other social gatherings are a good excuse to have a good time. Nothing makes the occasion more cheerful than completing the atmosphere with friends, music, food, decorations and celebratory banners to mark the occasion.  Many schools are also finding this to be a better way to show their school spirit by posting colorful signs of their mascots with their school names and their school colors around the premises of their school. A Banner is also a great way to direct your customers around your store.

Banners are a creative way to add a decorative, festive mood to your events. You can really jazz it up with some personal touches to add even more flair. Best of all, banners can be reused time after time, making them very affordable. These decorative pieces with custom graphics have been used over time for store advertisements, public announcements, demonstrations, and are now making their way into party scenes, school functions and more.

They are a good way to tell the world the reason that you are celebrating. Vinyl banners will work not only indoors, but outdoors or in humid locations as well. Unlike paper this type of banner is  able to last during an unexpected rainstorm that may occasionally happen during an outdoor event. They are also available for use over and over again, and they will keep you from having to spend so much time recreating a banner, all you have to do is  have them torn down and thrown away after each use.

Banners can be as colorful and expressive as you like. You can use a theme of the occasion you are celebrating on your display as well. Many can be made into poster sizes as well. These festive wall signs are a good way to greet your guests, and using a color theme or graphics to help display that will make the gathering so much more memorable.

Many of these displays are customized and can be designed by yourself, however, if you are an indecisive person, then you can look for pre-designed signs that will fit the occasion you are celebrating. You can also browse through some ready-made banners to get some ideas of what you may be looking for with your own personalized event. It sometimes helps to see what others have designed to know exactly what you have in mind.

Many schools are using these types of signs as a way to display their school spirit. By using their school colors as a theme, and incorporating pictures of their mascots and rival teams, they are creating new ways to have school spirit. They are hanging these versatile signs indoors and outdoors as well. They can be used year round for several sports throughout the year. Bands are also using them to proudly display their names and use them as a prop to use during halftime.

As you can see, there are many ways to customize and create the perfect banners or signs for your functions. All that it takes is a little thought and creativity to create the type of sign that you would like to display for your social gathering or school function.  If your banner is representing you to your clientele, a complete signage establishment like Kaiser Graphics may be just what you need. We have graphics design experts who can help you design a banner that will serve its purpose with eye-popping appeal. Our staff can help you with all of your banner needs from a Happy Birthday banner to an outdoor banner  that spans the street advertising a community gathering.  Reusable and well-made, you will be surprised at how much use you will get out of your Kaiser graphics banners in the years to come.

Whatever your signage needs we can help you every step of the way if necessary from design to installation services. Indoor and outdoor signs, trade show displays, architectural and wayfinding signage, ADA signage, acrylic fabrication, and vehicle graphics and wraps: we do it all for you. Call today to speak with one of our staff members today!

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Bathroom Signs ( 5 )

An ADA bathroom sign posting must adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by a Federal civil rights law. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act that went into effect on January 26, 1992 and later updated on March 15, 2011, all public facilities must make provisions for individuals with a disability. They must comply with all accessible design standards when altering the premises or during new construction of the facility. Other agencies that a public facility must comply with are the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the ADA Accessibility Guidelines.

There are many types of postings that fit the heading of an ADA bathroom sign. The first category to cover is those fitting under the sub title of directional postings. There are various styles to pick from when looking for an ADA bathroom sign. There are ceiling mounted options and wall mounted 2D or 3D options.

A ceiling mounted ADA bathroom sign can have a variety of picture grams on it. They can also come with arrows showing direction and pictures with wheelchairs on them.
Surface mounted signage is placed on the wall directly next to the latch side of the door, or if there is no space there, then it should be secured on the wall adjacent the restroom. They must be attached at 60 inches above the finished flooring. It is essential that an individual be able to come within 3 inches of the posting without hindrance of any objects or without being hit by the swing of the door.

The 2D and 3D postings will attach to a corner or the side of the wall. The 2D version is a single placard that sticks out from the wall like a flag. It can be read from either side. A 3D triangle posting is mounted to a convex corner. This serves to show direction for people coming from different hallways.

A door mounted ADA bathroom sign is another option. These placards must have a contrasting color to the actual door. The placard should have a dark background if the door itself is light in color or light in coloring against the dark background of the door. Just like the wall mounted ones, these too must be placed 60 inches up from the floor. That measurement is to the center of the symbol. An equilateral triangle is used to identify the men's room. A circle is used to identify the women's room. A circle that has a triangle superimposed in it will identify a restroom designated as unisex.

Several placards can be found inside the facilities as well. Some of the most common ones are for hand washing. These include statements like 'please wash hands', 'hand wash sink only', and 'employees must wash hands before returning to work'. All of these can have Braille or be multi-lingual. Other common postings are for baby changing stations and the proper disposal of hygiene products.

The American Disability Act has gone to great lengths to assist all people with being able to find and use public restroom facilities. Making access simpler and safer is the primary goal.

Business Sign ( 20 )

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When designing a business sign there are many factors to keep in mind. Every detail can make the difference between attracting attention and customers or being overlooked and passed over. There are colors to consider, font sizes, the size of the advertisement, the placement, the message and other information to be included which will all end up becoming the collaboration that will promote the company and its products and services. It is especially important to remember that while it may be necessary to display this type of advertisement in front of a company, it is equally as important as to where it will be placed in front of the company.

A business sign may need to be extended fifty feet up in the air if the intention is to attract those from a nearby highway. The height is necessary so that it can be read by the vehicles that are passing by. It also has to include font that is clear enough to be easily read and done so quickly. The reason for this is to allow the motorist time to find the next exit ramp so that they can access the restaurant, truck stop, gas station or whatever type of company is on the advertisement.

A business sign also needs to have the proper contrast between its background colors and the colors of the lettering or fonts. This is important because if it is difficult to read, then the information it contains may not be retained by those reading it. If something is difficult to read quickly, the observer may simply look away and not receive the intended message. The colors are important and need to be thoroughly researched to find which of those are more effective in attracting attention and getting the idea to the reader. A company that designs these types of banners and advertisements will have this information readily available to all prospective clients. Anything that gives a company a competitive edge should be fully utilized.

When placing a business sign, it is crucial to position it so that it can be read easily by vehicles going by as well as people who may be commuting on foot on the sidewalk. For this reason, the placement is extremely important. As vehicles pass by, the banners that are easily read by a driver are the ones that are placed so that they are at the level of the windshield of the vehicle. Anything below or above that area makes it nearly impossible for a commuter or motorist to see it. Strategic placement can make a huge difference in the results.

A business sign should be easily remembered. For this reason, it is vitally important to limit the information that is included to the essential facts that are needed to properly advertise the product or service. Often times a telephone number or website along with a quick addition of the time which the company closes is enough to be memorable, yet not overwhelming, and this is the key to making sure that the message is retained by those reading it.

Car Sign ( 16 )

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The advertising world has discovered a great new platform for advertising products; a car sign. The advancements made in the world of vinyl wraps have made it possible to put any image on any type of vehicle. This wonderful material makes it easy to print the image onto it and then just as easily install the final vinyl wrap onto the vehicle. Artistic and imaginative images can be put onto the vinyl wraps. Any message and any font size are imaginable and limited only by the amount of space available on the particular vehicle or fleet of vehicles that will be receiving the mobile advertisement.

A car sign is much more effective than other types of advertisement for many reasons. This type of advertisement doesn’t have to be limited to the amount of viewers or readers of a certain publication or program. Anyone who happens to be traveling on the highway or the street at the moment becomes the target audience. Mass transit is a wonderful place to conduct this type of advertising because everyone has to travel from point A to point B each day, whether they are commuting for work, school or just a relaxing day of shopping and running errands. Because they are traveling, the traveling advertisement will find them while they are sitting in their own vehicle, in a taxi cab or seated on a bus. This almost guarantees a captive audience for the advertisement.

A car sign that is intended for highway use may opt to have the roof wrapped in an effort to be easily read by vehicles such as semi-tractor trailers that sit up higher than the average vehicle. An advertisement that is meant to appeal to the vehicles that are in front of it may opt to use reverse print on a vinyl wrap so that it can easily be read through a mirror.

Any surface that is available on a vehicle can include a car sign. The vinyl is easily applied to many areas of the vehicle with ease. The colors are unlimited and so are the graphics, and it is also possible to print photography on these mobile ads as well.  Information such as telephone numbers, websites and other types of contact info are easily included. The vinyl wraps are very durable and they stay in place until the user is ready to remove them. If the ad is for a specific sale or event that is only for a limited time, they are easily removable.   

No longer is it necessary to try to and conduct advertisement strategy meetings to figure out who the best candidates are to target for the product or the service that the company is trying to introduce to the public. Making the car sign part of the advertisement for a business has never been easier. Using the vehicles that the company owns, or even paying other people to use the vinyl wraps an addition to their vehicles in return for a fee takes the advertisement to the roads, streets, highways and parking lots of the entire city. This is one of the most effective ways to reach the target audience, and often beyond!

Car Wrap ( 20 )

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Many businesses are turning to a car wrap as the next great way to advertise their products and services. There are many to choose from and many different styles and areas of the vehicle that can be covered. It ranges from just small areas such as the tailgate of a pick-up truck to an entire vehicle covering. The type of vehicle being covered and the area desired to be covered are the first things that an owner wants to consider. It also depends on where the vehicle will be commuting and who the target audience will be.

A car wrap can cover the vehicle literally from top to bottom. An example would be a business that wants to appeal to a local airport or helicopter service. In this case, it would make sense to include a covering on the roof of the vehicle so that it can be read from distances above it. A trucking company may choose to use the entire trailer on either side as a mobile billboard to get the message out to the public.

A car wrap presents an interesting take on advertisement. If a vehicle is used for business purposes then it is only natural to assume that it will travel to all points within a city. This will guarantee that the message on the vehicle will reach anyone else who is traveling within the area as well. Perhaps the best part of this advertisement method is that the intended audience does not have to buy a magazine, purchase a newspaper or watch television in order to receive the message. They do not have to seek out advertisement as it comes to them instead.

A car wrap is an excellent way to utilize the vehicle for advertising because it is easy and affordable to have the covering installed. The covering is also removable in the event that the vehicle is going to be used for other purposes such as weekend family travel, or if the vehicle is ever sold. There are no adhesives so to speak, so removal is as easy as peeling it off of the vehicle. It does not damage the vehicle in any way which is great news for those who may be concerned about the paint beneath the covering.

A car wrap is often seen on transit buses within cities and on race vehicles at those events. It isn’t uncommon to see taxi cabs that display messages on the sides, as well as many different types of delivery vehicles.

Some businesses have even taken these coverings to a new level by hiring vehicles owned by private citizens to have the coverings installed. The arrangement is that the vehicle owner must drive in certain areas each week or month and cover a specified amount of miles in order to be eligible. In return, the company pays the private citizen for the use of their vehicle as a mobile billboard to advertise their business and the services that it provides. This is the new face of advertisement.

Custom Banners ( 8 )


Purchasing appropriate signs for a business often introduces the business owner to the option of custom banners. There are few businesses or industries that would not benefit from the advantages of having the right style and type of signs for the property. Studies have proven that signs can increase revenue, exposure, and brand recognition while the price of these advertising and marketing tools remains reasonable enough to fit within any company budget.

How can industries benefit from appropriate signs and custom banners? What are the best locations to display the customized signs?

Retail storefronts can utilize these special sign displays for a number of purposes. Advertising signs placed on the front windows, street signs hanging from a nearby light post, and vinyl signs hanging from the roof top all draw the focus of the potential client or customer to merchandise or special events. There are plenty of outdoor and indoor options that can help a retail storefront maximize their potential by incorporating appropriate high quality advertising and marketing ideas.

The food industry is a great example of how advertising and marketing to a local target audience increases business potential. Utilizing proper signage is a surefire way to get those desired results. A vinyl sign can introduce daily specials or new menu items. A clip banner stand can help introduce potential diners to new and exciting menu choices. Utilizing high quality signage is an essential part of an eatery, regardless of the location. The more information the diner has available to them, the more likely they will be pleased with the meal they choose and the atmosphere.

Many organizations such as local humane shelters, charities, and donation centers use a number of high quality custom banners for advertising. These signs are affordable solutions for any type of business. When used in conjunction with an organization name and logo, a perfect business sign has been created with very little expense. The created signs can be hung from the ceiling to make notable days special. These types of signs can include any type of color or font imaginable. Vinyl is a very durable material that will make nearly any type of advertisement be as convenient and versatile as the business needs.

Whether a business needs to advertise a brand new boat that just came out on the market or they want to spread the message of a closeout sale, custom banners provide maximum results with a relatively low better price tag. The results from this type of advertising are effective because the signs will draw the focus of the potential customer, allowing the signage to make a quick and direct impression. It is vital that the message is clear and easy to read for the best results.

Designing any type of advertisement is important, and regardless of the industry, the purchaser should consider appropriate colors, dimensions, and finishes for the final product. An effective message will need to be visible which means using contrasting colors in the design. The message and font should be thick enough to be seen successfully by potential customers, whether they are walking or driving by the establishment. A dark background with light or bright fonts (or vice versa) is the best way to insure proper visibility of the text on the signage.

Custom banners are an exceptional value for the money, providing the purchaser with a fast return on their investment. Hiring a reputable sign company will insure that the business receives a sign that is made of high quality materials, the correct contrasting colors and the perfect font to get the message out. 

Design & Installation Service ( 2 )

At Kaiser International we take that old adage to heart:

"Jack of all trades, master of none."

We can help you with sign design and installation service from start to finish. Focusing entirely on signs and signage, the pros at Kaiser International can help you design that eye-catching logo and design that will captivate your targeted audience's attention, create it whether printed or fabricated, and then professionally install it for you to your specifications.

We supply you with all that you require to you grab your potential customers' attention. Whether you're in the market for custom architectual signage, need some banners for a special event, or a trade show display, Kaiser International can help you with all of your signage needs from concept all the way through sign installation.

Design and installation service might begin as soon as you’ve decided that you need to have a mounted, hung, or painted sign to help you announce your business to the world. Of course you will have to make some decisions about the type of signs you want. Does it need to be reusable?  Will it be the type that will stay in place, but with a message that needs to be changed periodically?  Will it be permanent and need to withstand weathering?  Will it need to be viewed far above the ground or more at the level of the windshield of a car, or perhaps be moving in traffic?  Will it need to be hung from a structure?  Will your advertisement need a display stand?  Do you need more than one?  Who is the intended audience?

Many questions need to be answered before you can begin to think about the design and installation of any signage. Signs, banner,  or car wraps, way finding, or trade show exhibits all need to be carefully designed before they are created. No matter how small your business, you will present a more professional appearance if all of your signage and marketing materials are branded with well-designed graphics with your logo and slogan.

Knowing what you want it to look like, and how far away you want it to be read from helps you with designing the type of banner or sign that is right for your needs.  If you are designing vehicle graphics for a car wrap, then you want to make sure that it not only gets the attention of passers-by, but that it is also easy to read in a passing glance.  Once you have made your decisions about the shape and size, you will need to consider the font size and color, background colors, and which graphics to include.  Then you can move on to deciding upon the proper sign installation that suits your requirements.

While you might be able to do your own design and installation service, you still have to have a blueprint from which to work.  By having a firm idea of what you want, this process will be much easier. A reliablesign company like Kaiser Industries can help you along each step of the way. Creating signs of all types for more than two decades means we know the legal requirements of many signs and have plenty of ideas and suggestions to help you come up with the perfect advertisement. Our graphics department is first class at helping people make their ideas into signs with pizazz.

Using our design and installation service means that we will help you with each and every aspect of your custom sign or retail display manufacturing, from start to finish, including acrylic fabrication if needed.   We let you know all of your design options including graphics and sign materials.  The installation requirements will depend on the type of sign that you intend to display. We'll make sure that all of your  ADA signage or entrance and exit signs comply with all legal requirements.

You can tie banners between two posts, hang a sign, post a billboard, or perfectly situate an exterior architectural sign part to get your company noticed.   The best part of all is that the design and installation service will all be handled by a company that has been helping other companies get noticed for years. Signs are our only business. Call today!

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Digital Glass Printing ( 5 )
Displays ( 22 )

The displays you use to advertise your business can say a lot about who you are and what your company stands for whether they're in your lobby or at trade show exhibits halls. You are going to want your signs, displays and graphics to be eye catching and tell as much as possible about the products you are representing. When prospective clients walk past your booth or business, they only take a few seconds to decide whether or not they are going to stop. You want to portray the right image, state a clear message, and get them to stop and see what you are offering. There are many options available that can help you do just that. You'll want that area to be distinctively branded as your own.
There is a vast array of trade show display types on the market. Depending on what your budget is, since it will really dictate what you can buy. You need to find out exactly how much space you will have for your advertising. Since these advertisements can come in smaller forms, from tabletop to larger wall units, space will be an important factor for you to consider. Touching on tabletop exhibits, these can be some of the more budget friendly choices you will have. You can use a tri-fold board, which is the most economical, or if budget allows, go with a larger pop up display. Any of these would be a great way to display larger graphics and incorporate some spotlighting too. 
If your budget and space allows for lager types of exhibits, you may opt to purchase a full sized panel. They are also available for tabletop, but you may get better usage from a full-size panel to display your products. They are primarily made out of fabric, and many companies offer eco-friendly materials too. Panel displays are also another great place to display your graphics with posters and vinyl banners. They consist of a large space, and if used properly can get a clear message across to passers by. Retractable banners are a wonderful way to brand and define the space as yours. You can, however, employ the visual impact of minimalism by opting to leave it as a blank canvas--using the panels as a clean background for your items to be displayed against. 
Another option would be the ever-popular pop up displays. As mentioned earlier, you can purchase these in smaller formats, or you can go as large as twenty feet. If your business has a clear and concise message to get across to your potential clients, this may be your optimal way. Maybe you have an organic company and a stock photo of a raging waterfall or peaceful meadow will show your inherent concern for nature. If your business is about items in the kitchen, a stock photo graphic of a fully stocked chef’s kitchen might be a great backdrop to your newest item on the market. Whatever it is, using the right graphics on your panel or pop up display will be sure to attract the attention of any potential customer. 
Another important consideration for the last minute touches on your displays would be the use of lighting. The right graphic can do wonders to your display, but without the proper lighting, your meaning may be completely lost. Making sure that you have clean, bold images will also help convey your message. Whether it is the lighting of your booth at a trade show, or proper lighting in a show room, good lighting can highlight the product, idea, or business concept you are trying to sell.

The signs experts at Kaiser International can help you design the graphics that will brand your company through the use of branded signs and marketing materials from the architectual signs on your walls, inside and out, to the wayfinding signs, vehicle graphics, and all the signs you may need to promote your business at the office and on the road. 

Kaiser Graphics Services the following locations in Texas

Exhibits ( 7 )

Exhibits can be one of the best marketing investments if you know what to look for and use it to it's full potential. When you are at a trade show, no matter how small or large, you only have a few seconds to get a persons attention before they pass by. Trade show exhibits that are well organized, clean, and current are going to attract more people and provide more profit for you. As for your signs, sing clear and defined graphics displaying your company’s logo or name, and keeping your message simple and direct will grab a potential customers attention faster than one that is cluttered and disorganized.

Exhibits can vary not only in size, but price. Looking at what your budget is will immediately tell you what you can and cannot afford. You also have purchasing options. Many companies that provide these services offer a rental program. This may fit your needs if your company or product is in a market that is constantly evolving. Some companies even offer leasing options, which can give you the opportunity to upgrade your materials to fit your needs. Since size is almost always something you will have to consider, many exhibits can be built to suit multiple show arenas. A modular design is a great fit for a business that has changing needs. They can be moved and rearranged to fit the ever-changing show room floor. It is also an easy way to keep your graphics updated since they are easily changeable. Working with a designer will help you determine what will work best for your needs.

Besides determining the cost of the materials, the size will be the other important consideration. Some trade show displays come as small as 10 feet by 10 feet, while larger ones can go beyond 30 feet by 30 feet. There are also many different features available when planning your space. Some offer ceiling sections, multiple computer stands, TV stands, private or semi-private meeting and conference areas, locked storage areas, and reception desks. The aforementioned are primarily offered on the lager scale formats, but some of the smaller scale formats offer many of the same features. They can be highly effective marketing tools when there is a great use of the space around you, especially if your business is in a highly competitive field. At a trade show you want to make sure that your products and services stand out from the rest. And keep in mind that your competition is trying to catch the attention of the very same customers you are targeting.

Exhibits can also have a great impact when using graphics on them. Whether it is your company logo, a new product or service your company is offering, or bright and bold colors as a backdrop, it is great useable space.

You are going to want to have your company logo highly visible to all around. Intergrated branding is vital to your messaging. Retractable banners can brand your office space away from from home, while custom banners with attractive well designed graphics will bring potential customers in. Make sure you have it displayed high enough so people in and around your displays are not blocking your signage. You are also going to want it to be in a font that is clearly readable with bold and vibrant colors to catch the eye. Taking these things into consideration will help your company stand out above the competition.

The staff at Kaiser International knows graphics and signs--our entire company focuses on signage. From banners to architectural signs to wayfinding signage and the acrylic fabrication of custom signs, Kaiser International can help you.

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Glass Printing ( 23 )

Though glass printing can be achieved through screen printing or etching, today’s new printing technology has made screen printing on glass quite affordable when compared to etching. It is now possible to have photographs, graphics, colors, logos and many other items vibrantly rendered with glass printing on many glass items including windows.

Wine bottles that incorporate glass printing make great gift ideas.  Instead of the traditional maker’s label, you can opt for your corporate information to be printed right on the bottle of wine instead.  This would make a unique gift that would be used and enjoyed for a long time to come.  In your customers’ private bar or wine cellar, it would be a constant and lasting reminder of your company.  This now becomes not only a great gift idea but a wonderful marketing tool that is unique and stylish.  Your guests, colleagues and employees will be extremely appreciative of your thoughtful gift while never giving its dual role a second thought—not your average sign, but a memorable one.

If you have a winery, café, hotel or sporting club, glassware is a great option for achieving brand recognition.  You can pick from stemware of all types, colors, and sizes including pint or even shot-sized ones.  Water goblets can be used as well.  How about beautiful tumblers with glass print for tea?  It doesn’t matter what type of tumblers or goblets that you use in your business, you can serve up a drink with your logo or message by serving them in printed goblets that become distinctive custom signs to advertise your company. Many businesses even sell these useful signs or offer them as prizes to extend their reach even more.

As paper labels begin to age over time and the adhesive begins to let go. Glass printing eliminates this problem extending the lifetime of your branding while gaining a much sleeker look with a creative flair.

If you are planning a wedding, glass print can be a great solution to the gift idea for the attendees.  You could opt to give bottles of wine or champagne that is personalized for the occasion with the name of the bride and groom proudly displayed on the bottle along with their wedding date.  You could also give stemware of all sizes and shapes that display the same information.  It would be a wonderful memento for friends and family to cherish for years to come.

Glass printing can also be used when deciding on signage for your business.  Clear, or frosted, these transparent signs offer a sleek, contemporary alternative. Standard signs pale in comparison. Architectural signs and other custom signs made with screen printing on glass are sure to get plenty of attention and will be used when other marketing media are long gone. 

You can also use displays for your products that have your graphics beautifully imprinted on the transparent panes.  This would be a great idea for a boutique looking for a fashionable way to print information for retail displays

Kaiser Industries, sign experts for over twenty years, are on the cutting edge of this new technology, as well as with the entire gamut of signs in use today from banners to trade show displays to colorful moving fleet wraps that take your message on the road.

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Graphics ( 13 )

Kaiser Graphics Helping Businesses Soar to New Heights!

Kaiser Graphics is the graphics expert you need! From a great idea to a visually stunning design to printing or constructing and installing your signs, the experienced staff at Kaiser Graphics are here to help. If you need signage of any kind, call the experts at Kaiser today.

Graphics make the world go round--well at least the world of business and retail. There is always a need to create a communicative device, and this is where graphics design comes in to play. It does not matter whether you are advertising, giving directions, or presenting or selling a product, there are usually always signs or banners involved in the process.

If you take the time to look around you, then you are sure to see an exuberant amount of examples, no matter where you live. When driving to work you may encounter semi-trucks that have rented out space on their trailers, or company vans with magnetic decals selling the business and products. Sometimes there is more than one advertisement, and sometimes the entire trailer is donning a singular message. It does not stop there though. If you watch closely, you may also see cars that have vehicle graphics or vinyl car wraps that include publicizing graphics on them. If you are in the city, you may see buses and taxi cabs that have several different promotions on them. The information may be representing other businesses within the city, or exposing a nationwide company that wants to promote within that demographic. If you pass your local supermarket, you will sometimes notice banners that give details about the items that are on sale this week. Even in the park you might notice that the benches proudly display a message about a local business or charity.

It does not always have to be advertising for sales or services. You also see postings for events such as blood drives, or marathons as fund raisers.  These are banners showing what they hope to take in versus what they have to offer. Booster clubs and teams use this form of communication to both show support, and to ask for yours. Charities also utilize signage to ask for donations, volunteers, supplies, and to announce fund raising events.

You will also see graphics within a building in such forms as wayfinding signs, or the more inclusive ADA signage. All of these types of postings utilize these designs to show you where to go, what each room is designated for, or for evacuation plans. You will also notice this type of signage used to direct you to the nearest hospital or first aid station.

If you have ever attended a trade show, gone to your local county fair, or stopped at a craft mall, you have seen trade show exhibits vividly decorated with graphics. It is an effective tool that is used to designate the areas of interest to the shoppers. They make it easy to find the various different types of wares offered, as well as their pricing.

Everyone needs information to get through their day. There are many means of conveying messages these days, but the most effective means is still the written word. It is very easy to get people to notice whatever you are selling or advertising simply by displaying a sign and using graphics to draw the eye to it. No matter if you are having a garage sale, or you are selling the garage, signage will help deliver the message in a very effective manner.

Kaiser Industries has been helping businesses take their business to new heights with branding across all their various signs.

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Handicap Signs ( 3 )

Whether in a small business down the street or a large corporation uptown, there is a necessity to have an appropriate ADA handicap sign at a variety of locations throughout the establishment. The guidelines set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act help guarantee equal access and facilities in private businesses, regardless of the size. These regulations help insure disabled people have the same opportunity as everyone else to enjoy and appreciate life, whether eating at a fine restaurant or shopping at a mall.

Where should a company or business install an ADA handicap sign?

The experience starts at the parking lot or parking garage. Appropriate labels and parking spaces must be available for handicapped parking. Those spaces are generally wider than normal spaces, allowing for a modified van to easily operate without being constricted. Additionally, there is a specific number of handicap parking spaces required for the number of total spaces available in the lot. The ADA handicap sign must have the international logo associated with accessibility and be mounted in such a manner that it is not hidden by a parked vehicle.

Another important part of compliancy with the American with Disabilities Act is to insure access to the storefront by everyone. Generally this means installing a suitable ramp for exiting and entering the storefront. In addition, handrails are required to insure safety and security if the slope is greater than 1:20, with a vertical rise of more than six inches. Appropriate signage includes the international logo for accessibility with an arrow pointing in the direction necessary to enter the premises.

Doors must also meet specific requirements, allowing for any individual to enter the storefront. Doors must be at least 36 inches wide. The hardware for the door, such as the handle, must be properly constructed and placed to insure easy maneuverability of that hardware. Again, an ADA handicap sign is required that shows the international logo for accessibility. In addition, it is essential to properly label all the entrances and exits of the building.

Most stores do not allow animals or pets to enter the store. However, individuals with service animals are allowed to bring those animals into stores. Most stores will place appropriate labels on the building welcoming individuals with service animals. These animals must be up to date on their vaccinations and be easily identified as a service animal to enter the store front legally. Service animals may enter any public location even restaurants, cafes, and salons.

Bathrooms are another area that must have proper labeling displayed for individuals with special needs. Bathroom labels are very precise, as is the placement of the label. The label must be easy to read, be constructed with contrasting colors, and provide accurate information. Braille is another necessary part of insuring compliance with the ADA’s policies. Appropriate labels insure understanding on an international level, regardless of whether one has a handicap or not.

Understanding and complying with the American with Disabilities Act can seem to be complicated, but hiring a professional sign company or wayfinder will insure compliance with all regulations and help attract visitors that have disabilities. A single, well-placed ADA handicap sign can be a welcomed relief for a person struggling to find easy access, whether shopping for clothing or visiting a favorite diner.

Outdoor Display ( 1 )


A business will invest in many different types of marketing tools, and one of them is outdoor displays. This key phrase can be interpreted as being one of a multitude of items used to advertise a company's products or services. These types of signage are unique in their purpose and overall design. They are solely used to inform clients and customers, who may be walking or driving by the establishment, who the business is, what services they provide, and when their products are.

When it comes to outdoor displays the business owner needs to purchase those that are wind and water resistant. Effective signage cannot be invested in if the weather will only diminish the quality and prohibit people from seeing the message. There are many materials that can withstand various types of inclement weather, from days full of blazing sunshine, to weeks of rain and clouds.

Sidewalk signs and banners are another form of outdoor displays that can be placed outside and will withstand the weather. Almost every company will invest in at least one of these items at one time or another. Banners can be small, flag-like sized, or they can be purchased at 15' wide and 6' tall. It all depends on the situation and where they will be placed for the general public to see. Sidewalk signage typically comes in the form of A-frames, on stands, or can have changeable letter capabilities for those businesses that frequently change the message their customers will see. Some of them can be written on with liquid chalk, which is something a lot of restaurants choose to use for advertising their daily features.

With the multitude of possibilities available to a business to help with their advertising needs, the marketing team will have to decide on which of them will provide the most benefits for the situation and which ones will fit within the company budget.

Another option with outdoor displays is vinyl car wraps. This is a fairly new technology that more and more business owners are turning to. This innovative technology is useful to reach people that may not ever drive by the actual storefront. This advertising method is very eye-catching, and with the right type of information and graphic designs included it will make for a memorable message that people will not soon forget.

Outdoor displays are vital to the expansion of acquiring new clientele and increasing the company's overall profits. It all comes down to which type of signage will best suit the company. A lot of time and effort can be saved by contacting a dependable and reputable sign company to handle the specifics. All the business owner needs to do is have a general idea of what they are looking for. The sign company will be able to assist with artwork and the specific details after the marketing team has decided on which type of display to invest in. Once that element has been tackled, the representative will be able to direct the purchaser through color options, font styles, and graphic designs.

Outdoor Signs ( 4 )


Outdoor signs can be a pivotal and fairly inexpensive avenue for marketing a business. Some signage can be used all day and night, while others are only utilized in the daytime and need to be taken inside when the business closes for the day. There are many different styles of outdoor signs, so there is just about one to fit every need of a business.

Deciding on what the need for advertising is may help narrow down the search for the right type of posting. There are all types and sizes of banners, sandwich boards, and building postings. When it comes to deciding which one would be the best option, one will need to think about what it is they are advertising and how often they may need to change it.

Probably the best one to start with is a building posting. Having ones business name above the store front is fairly obvious to most, but often times this gets overlooked when a new business is trying to finish up the details to open the doors. Making sure that is stays in good condition no matter what material is used is a very important part of advertising. If it is lighted, then the owner should check it regularly to make sure that all of the lights are working. If it is unlighted, see if adding lights is an option for added visibility.

When it comes to those that need to be moved from time to time, talking with a professional company that works in this field is a great place to start. They deal with the common design questions on a daily basis. They will be able to help sort through the process and come up with the viable options of outdoor signs that will fit the business’ individual needs.
Banners are a great way to get a big message out. They can be placed just about anywhere, and can be made large enough for people to see and read from across the street.

Advertising a large sale like an end of year closeout, or maybe introducing a new product line would warrant a larger sized banner. People tend to see these types of outdoor signs regularly in strip malls, and many churches utilize them as well, especially if they are in a temporary location. Those that are established often use them to advertise upcoming events or special speakers. Many cities and towns use these to advertise upcoming community events like festivals and parades. They can also be made small enough to fit in a storefront window.

Choosing the right colors for any type of advertisement is important, and the professional helping create the perfect design can assist the business owner in choosing those that will gain attention. There are certain aspects that should not be overlooked, such as the contrast between the back ground color and the font. This is imperative for the advertisement to be read easily.

Outdoor signs should be constructed of a material that will be able to handle any type of weather conditions. This is another area that the professional will be able to guide the business owner. They will have many options available to give the business an array of varying choices. When using this type of advertising it is important to put some thought and effort into a design that will catch the attention of those in the area. This is a cost effective way to increase revenue and visibility. 

Plastic Fabricators ( 5 )

Looking for plastic fabricators that will be able to fit your specific needs, or make the perfect signage for your company can be overwhelming.  There are many facets to the industry.  These products come in a wide range of materials, and each company has different tools and processes to machine them.  Having a plan to weed out those that do not manufacture the parts or products you are looking for will be very useful. 

When using your favorite on-line search engine, just type in plastic fabricators and you will understand how many companies provide this type of service.  Knowing what field you are going to use the product for is the first step in eliminating these manufacturers, narrowing them down to a small list for you to choose from.  Many companies will offer services to a wide range of industries, such as the medical field, nuclear uses, electronics, ventilation systems, and instrumentation. 

The next step in finding the plastic fabricators that can assist you with the parts or product needs is the finding out the types of materials they are made of.  As stated above, there are many materials to choose from.  Will your specification require an acrylic, a polyethylene, an ABS or a fiberglass material?  Knowing this will help you to systematically eliminate the companies that can’t help even further.   Will the product need to be die-cut, or is it an injection molding process? If you are unsure of the specifics, finding a full-service distributor that does both fabrication and machining may be what you need.  They will be able to provide you with any of the materials and accessories necessary to complete the job, from engineering and constructing, to manufacturing and shipping.

Plastic fabricators are in such high demand for today's technologically advanced world, and you want to be careful to find the one that can provide the services you need, have expert engineers working for them, and have years of unparalleled service to the industry you represent.  You should expect a company that is familiar with your individual needs, a specialist in a manner of words.  Look for one that will work on your project from inception to conception to produce a high quality, durable product.  You want to work with a company that will meet your needs every step of the way, fine tuning your project when necessary. 

Aim at finding manufacturers or plastic fabricators that have the most modern, state-of-the-art technology to do what you need.  Several companies have robotic capabilities to assist in the manufacturing.  Look for one that has CAD capabilities and an expert engineering design team.  Some companies are family owned and operated with decades of experience.  These manufacturers will offer a full commitment to your satisfaction to all aspects of the process.  They will give you the highest of standards in customer service to ensure that the products, no matter how big or how small, are brought into fruition through a corroboration of the design experts. It is important to work with a company that will have production engineers and the staff assisting you from beginning to end.

Going through this process of elimination may take you some time up front.  The research, the reading, the calling or emailing any questions you have may seem frustrating, but the up-side to doing this is that you will find a company that you can trust.   You want to have an excellent working relationship with a business you can use in the future, knowing that your needs will be met with high quality workmanship.


Retail Display ( 9 )

Store fixtures are a vital part of any storefront providing superior merchandising and added décor, but knowing how to choose a better retail display often starts with exploring the materials used during the construction process. The materials used to create those store fixtures will affect the investment, durability, and effectiveness of the merchandising campaign. However, there is help available, especially for the business owner wanting to increase profits by making a wise investment.

Acrylic and plexiglass are the most common types of materials use for a retail display. These materials are very versatile and durable. They are preferred over glass due to the fact that they are strong and safe, eliminating the chance of someone becoming injured if they should break. They are useful for providing a way for store owners to display either one item or a whole line of items with ease.

A bakery will use this type of retail display to showcase their freshly baked goods. They can also have fresh cakes that are frosted and waiting for the customer to request a special message to be adorned on top, whether for a birthday, a graduation or a going away party. This is a great way to keep a variety of baked goods fresh while easily displaying them for the customer to see.

Acrylic stands are another popular type of retail display. This is a very durable option that will last many years. Some are mounted on a swivel base that is easily turned around for viewing many different products. A good example of this type would be at a jewelry counter. Different styles of earrings and necklaces can be showcased in these spinning stands, allowing all of the space to be utilized. Some of these displays can even come with locks, offering an additional level of security for higher priced merchandise that should only be handled under the watchful eye of store employees. Locking cabinets are one of the preferred options as it offers the customer a clear view of the products while protecting them from dust, fingerprints and the temptation for one to get a five finger discount.

Acrylic can also be customized with ease for the store owner needing something for that unusual niche in the corner of the store. This material can be molded by a plastic fabricator into any size or shape, regardless of the limited amount of space. If one has a particular custom design in mind, the fabricator can work with the client to fine tune the idea and make it become a reality. Many are choosing to use colored materials to make the showcased products even more appealing to the public.

A good retail display can be seen as a good investment when the store sees the increase in revenue from the way their products are shown to their customers. Finding a manufacturer that can provide the best products at a reasonable price is the first step. A reputable company will have years of experience as well as a crew and machinery that can build any design the store owner needs, regardless of the size. 

Signage ( 11 )

The history of signs and signage dates back to ancient Rome, when signs were made out of different types of stones and terracotta. As they evolved, signs were advertisements that people hand painted or carved, generally for pubs. However they were not exclusive to just pubs. In the early 1800’s many shops, inns, etc. used outdoor signs to let the general public become aware that they are performing some type of service at that dwelling or location. Often this type of outdoor signage was made to be elaborate and attractive, usually not displaying a name, but a picture to represent what services are being offered.

There are several types of signage that are useful for getting information out to the public these days. The most common signs that we see today are metal signs like street signs, which are stamped out of some type of metal and often the lettering is embossed, printed, or both. The neon sign was a popular type of sign just before LED signs were introduced to the market. Neon digital signage is made to be brightly colored electric signs. At the Paris Expo, in 1910, neon signs were introduced. Neon signs are made when glass tubes are curved and bent into certain words and shapes. Modular is a type of sign made of elementary units that are pre-designed ahead of time. There are custom signs, and often times the hand carved or painted signs are considered to fall into this family. These signs are made from scratch to fit a certain need or specific requirement from the purchaser or for special projects. LED digital signs are made from a newer type of LED lighting that was designed to be brighter and last longer than the more modern lighting systems previously used. There are outdoor signs specifically designed to help people find their way, and they are generally used by a specific facility such as an airport or hospital to aide patrons in finding where they need to go.

Many shapes are designed for certain purposes. Signage shapes have meanings, and many times their meanings are different depending on what part of the world one is in. Rectangular signs generally give information to the public, such a one way streets and do not enter signs. A circular shape represents rules that must be followed. Triangle signs are generally warning signs. One of the most common sign shapes is the octagon, which is a sign indicating that one must stop briefly for safety.

As you can see, there are many types of signage known to the public today and therefore your needs should be addressed by a competent signage company. The most commonly seen types of signs are used for advertisement purposes and street signs, banners, trade show exhibits and mall kiosks, as well as vehicle wraps that let you advertise as you drive. Generally signs have been around since ancient times and there were even laws requiring certain establishments to post signs at places such as pubs.

Signs are a huge part of the advertising industry and are a way for companies to reach the general public. There is a constant need these days to be innovative and competitive in the signage industry.

Completely surrounding us, even on the internet in a digital form, signs  have become a part of our daily lives. Ranging from from little signs that are mounted in the ground, to larger billboards that light up and digital online ads the only thing that remains constant is the need for good graphic design that catched our jaded eyes that see so much advertising. Kaiser Graphics not only prints or fabricates all kinds of signs including banners, vehicle wraps, trade show displays and exhibits, wayfinding and architectural signs that meet your needs perfectly, we also have talented designers on staff to help you make your sign stand out from the rest. We are your one stop signage company. Give us a call today.

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Signs ( 20 )

Choosing the right signs for your business can be a difficult task, especially if you choose the wrong sign company to produce your business signs. If you choose the wrong signage or advertising it could wind up costing you quite a bit of money, prestige, and even customers.  You should decide what type of market that you want to reach, and then come up with a message that would target your desired market. One must always remember a saying that you might have heard as a child, “it’s not what you say, but how you say it.” This phrase is applicable to choosing your business' signage as well--well-known businesses usually have eye-catching signs. The most widely recognized sign in the world, for example, is McDonalds' Golden Arches.  If they had a simple and plain sign as their logo they may not be so well known, or as successful as a business. Good graphics and design is the most important part of choosing a sign company to produce your business advertising in today's marketplace. Displays and trade show exhibits are designed for ease of setting up and taking down at specialty trade shows and other community gatherings.

Look at your own company and its name.  Think of a play on words you could use to be effective, or a design to use that plays off of your company name. By choosing signage that is eye-catching for your company, it can be effective in attracting peoples attention and bringing in business. This is also helpful in making yourself look more appealing and memorable than that of your competitor, simply by having eye-catching outdoor signs.

There are many different types of business signs in the world today, and billboards are a common type that  a business uses to reach a larger volume of people. They are generally either on the sides of huge buildings, or on the side of the freeway.  Just think of how many people during rush hour traffic see the billboards daily on the freeway. Perhaps a billboard is on a larger scale than you need or can afford with your advertising budget. If that is the case, you should consider posters, they are a type of signage that a company can use in their windows to advertise a special promotion, upcoming event, or products and services. Think of a movie store, they use posters as advertisement all the time, advertising newly released movies and upcoming releases.

Banners are a great way to advertise and save money. The most important signage of all to you should probably be the architectural signs that is either placed interiorly or exteriorly at the location of your business. It tells your market that you are ready to serve them and help them with any products that may appeal to them.  Some signage that you might be considering is perhaps name plates for your employees, or perhaps you’re located in a suite and need signage for the door to help make your clientele aware that that  is your suite. Many businesses and facilities are also required to use ADA signage to meet government regulations or to meet the needs of their clientele.

Whatever your need is for your business make sure you are careful in your choice of sign company and weigh your options.  Seeking the advice of professionals that specialize in signage and what type is effective for which markets can often make the difference between having just another sign or presenting an eye-catching brand-building icon. If you are not precise in your decision and don’t make sure you are 100% happy with the result of what you choose, then perhaps you might want to consult a graphics designer and get their opinion on what they think is attractive. Narrow some choices down on logos by asking your employees and trusted clients their opinions, then contact a professional design company to help you choose and design the catchiest advertisement signs for your company.  Choosing and designing your signs wisely can help build your business, translating into future revenue dollars. Kaiser Graphics is a sign company that can help you from start to finish, no matter what kind of signage you need.

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Trade Show Displays ( 19 )

Trade show displays form the core around which businesses build their trade show exhibits. The importance of marking this territory, however temporarily, as yours is as important as countries maintaining sovereignty in the embassies in other countries. The successful branding of companies from office to booth is what sets the marketing mavens apart from the wannabes at trade shows.

It all begins with choosing the type of exhibit that best suits your company, its image and purpose. There are a wide variety of displays available in a range of prices to suit every budget. Depending on how often you'll be using your display, you will have to choose the durability, size,  and weight of the display itself, as well as signs and banners to go with it.

At some trade shows, you’ll be more likely to use table top displays rather than the pop up displays which allow you to define your space as well as present your company. Of variable sizes, both of these trade show displays also come in a wide variety of materials and styles to suit your every need. Though these are primarily made out of fabric, many companies also offer them in eco-friendly materials that could be very effective for companies whose services and products are environmentally themed.

The posters and banners you choose to represent your company and staff need to be well-designed and pack a visual punch. Then it's up to you and your company to keep them coming back. Though competition is fierce at large trade shows, the people who walk in the door are hot leads and well worth the time, money, and effort spent in attending such events. Don’t forget that banners come in several types of material and formats. Retractable banners are especially good for branding and defining the boundaries of your exhibit area. In that area you will showcase not only your products or services, but also your pursuit of excellence and quality while exhibiting the high level of customer service you want your potential clients to associate with your company.

One aspect that is often forgotten in trade show displays is the importance of lighting in setting the scene. Cozy, soft lighting is usually much friendlier than the stark fluorescent lighting often found in exhibit halls, and a wide variety of lighting options are available to fit whatever type of display you have chosen.

Kaiser Graphics is staffed with professionals who really know signs. We can help you decide what kind of display best suits your needs. Then, once you've made your decision we have can help your add pizzazz to your graphics as well as supply everything you need to walk into a trade show and set up shop.

In addition to trade show exhibits, we can help you with all your signage needs from banners to architectural signage, acrylic fabrication, ADA and wayfinding signage, even vehicle graphics and wraps so you can advertise on the way to the show. Call us today and Kaiser Graphics will be happy to help you get started.

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Vehicle Wraps & Graphics ( 20 )

When it comes to vehicle wraps and graphics, they are the newest and innovative ways to advertise.  The vinyl of these vehicle wraps is always being improved.  Wraps can be placed on your vehicle temporarily, or for up to a few years. They are proven to have a higher percentage rate for reaching the public. They can be put on any size vehicle, from the smart car to an eighteen-wheeler, or large RV. When choosing which method of vehicle graphics you are going to use, you might want to check out this creative way to put your business out there.

The new vinyl that is being used for vehicle wraps has air pathways to prevent bubbling.  This new material has small beads to prevent adhering before it is in just the right spot, then once smoothed over it makes for a perfect application.  The vinyl comes in many pieces so every inch of your vehicle can be wrapped, from the gas tank cover to the bumpers. This is not a permanent placement graphic design such as paint, if your promotion ends or changes in six months, simply remove the wrap and apply a new one. Yes it is just that easy, thus the hottest new way to advertise in the world of vehicle graphics.

These advertisements have proven to be more effective than even the older, regular, and stationary billboards.  These “mobile billboards”, when targeting a specific group of respondents had a 94% recall rate, and 80% of them even remembered the company name and the specific thing being advertised. That is some highly effective advertising. Just think, mobile signs could cost thousands of dollars, but these wraps can advertise from one side of the country to the other with virtually no effort.

The wrap is a way to put vehicle graphics on vehicles of all sizes, makes and models. The easier vehicles to wrap are the large trucks and RVs that have larger flat surfaces, and fewer curves. The fact that larger trucks are easier does not mean that smaller vehicles can’t be wrapped. As a matter of fact, even the smart car, as small as it is can be wrapped.  These wraps are even great to advertise on an entire fleet of vehicles. Due to the graphics being computer generated they will look exactly identical, thus a great way for larger companies to advertise. What if you are a small company, perhaps just starting your own business from home? The wraps can even go on your personal vehicle.

So when you start looking for more cost effective vehicle graphics for your advertising needs, remember that the vehicle wrap is just what you need. Not only do they use the best and most innovative vinyl, they resemble the most expensive and detailed paint jobs on the road. Mobile billboards is a wonderful way to reach the maximum amount of people in your market and for them to remember your add and information. You can place a vehicle wrap on any vehicle no matter how large or small. Since these wraps are so cost effective and easily removable you can use them for promotions and change them out when needed. This form of advertisement is definitely the latest and best way to put your business out there.

At Kaiser Graphics, regardless of your printing or signage needs, we can help you design your vehicle wrapsbanners, and specialty signs including architectural signage, and ADA or wayfinding signage, then print or fabricate them, and then install them to your specifications to complete your project for you. If you've been thinking that you could use a sign or other graphics project, give us a call and Kaiser Graphics wll help you get it done!

Kaiser International services the following Suburbs and Counties in Houston TX:

Vinyl & Plastic Signs ( 5 )


Vinyl signs are a highly effective marketing and advertising tool, whether they are used to announce a liquidation sale or to warn pedestrians of potential dangers. There are numerous types and styles of these labels used both indoors and outdoors. Placed appropriately, a single post can inform, educate, and guide a potential customer to make a sale. Additionally, they can be an effective method of warning people of potential hazards or help a business meet ADA requirements.

Why choose high quality plastic signs over the other available options?

Pliability is a quality many businesses appreciate. This construction material is very easy to manipulate, making it easy to place on irregular surfaces or even corners. Many of the other materials found with signage are not as easily manipulated. This quality also helps increase the durability of the label, making it a good investment for the business owner as it will last for a long time.

Many types of signage are needed for a short time or on a temporary basis. This material is versatile, making it ideal for moving from one location to another. It is also light weight, so it is easy to put in storage if it is only used once or twice a year. The cost of vinyl signs is usually minimal when compared to the years of usage they will provide the purchaser.

Resistance against slight abrasions, moisture, and chemicals are another reason they are so popular among business owners. Other materials will fade quickly or become easily damaged by inclement weather. High quality advertisements made of this durable material ensure a better resistance against potential devastating conditions the signage will endure outdoors. They are able to withstand the elements, both natural and man made.

Purchasing these informational tools is easy. There are many types of businesses and storefronts that offer these products, but purchasing customized advertisements may require finding a professional sign company that has all of the necessary tools that are capable of producing a high quality plastic sign that will draw the attention of potential clientele.

Polycarbonate and polyester can be more costly than plastic, and it is not necessary to spend a fortune in order to be effective and get the word out to the public. These affordable solutions for marketing, advertising, and warning help protect not only visitors and shoppers, but save the property owner from potential lawsuits due to accidents or unintentional damage.

More companies choose these types of placards because of the vast array of options. They can be customized to meet the exact need of the individual business by using various fonts, colors, textures and sizes. The purchaser does not have to break the bank to get effective tools for delivering a specific message. With a life span of up to 5 years outside, these valuable assets provide longevity for the purchaser.

Vinyl signs are effective and affordable, giving the business a solid investment for their advertising needs. These informational tools are simply a wise decision for the business that needs to relay a message without exceeding the budget. 

Vinyl Banners ( 7 )

When it comes to advertising a sale or marketing an upcoming event, vinyl banners are a great option for several reasons. They are an inexpensive advertising tool that can be reused over and over again. They are also very easy to take care of, and they can be placed virtually anywhere. For these reasons, many businesses, churches, and cities are using vinyl banners more than ever before.

If someone has a small business, the advertising budget may not be expansive. They want to be able to advertise the latest special or highlight a product, but need an affordable way to do it. Using these types of banners is a great way to go. For one, they can be custom made. Choosing the right colors may be a hurdle, but the professional sign company that produces this product will be able to guide the customer through that process. One would want colors that complement each other, as well as being eye catching to people passing by, whether on foot or in a vehicle.

One easy option depending on the need would be to get premade vinyl banners. This is a great choice if it is a retail business that has quarterly or annual sales events. Using the phrases like “year-end closeout” or “semi-annual sale” are very common and can be found premade at many sign companies. If someone wanted a more custom made design, it is easily accomplished by talking with these professionals.

Vinyl banners are a very flexible medium to work with. They can have all kinds of images printed on to them. They can have pictures, reproduction artwork, a company’s logo, or be simpler with just displaying words printed on them. They also give the print a glossy appearance which helps stand out above a matte finish. They come in all different sizes and shapes. They can be small enough to hang in the window of a storefront or large enough for people from a distance to see and read the information.

One huge advantage to using vinyl banners is that they can be reused. If cleaned and stored properly, they can last several years. Once the sale or event is over, remove the banner and clean it with warm soapy water using a soft cloth. Make sure it is completely dry and roll it, do not fold it. Place it in a cool area out of direct sunlight. Many people chose to use some sort of covering over it if it is going to be stored for some time.

Because of the advantages, many cities use them to promote upcoming community events, especially if the date does not change. For example, if a community event is always held on the second weekend in May, there is no need to get a new sign every year. With proper care it can be used for many years to come.

For a business, this is a great advertising and marketing tool to have in one’s arsenal. Using vinyl instead of other types of materials is a wise choice. There are different vinyl blends that can help the banner last longer. They are made with this hybrid material so that they can withstand wind better, as well as hold up against other weather elements. Signs that are made with other materials simply do not have the life span that vinyl does. This is why it makes all the more sense to have one of these to advertise the next sale or upcoming event. 

Wayfinding Signage ( 7 )

Wayfinding signage is exactly what it sounds like: signs that help you find your way around cities, buildings, and offices. First coined by architect Kevin Lynch in his book entitled “The Image of the City” that was published in 1960, the term “wayfinding devices” was first used to refer to maps, street numbers and directional signs. Nothing is so frustrating as arriving on-time for an appointment and then being late for a meeting because it is impossible to find the location of the conference room. If you add to that physical and visual handicaps that also impair the ability of some people to successfully navigate unfamiliar territory, you will easily recognize the need for logical, clearly printed signs.

That is why today’s leading designers of directional signage need to be masters of a variety of disciplines: art, engineering, architecture, social science, law, marketing, and project planning. A well-executed signage plan incorporates the branding, logo, and marketing mission of a company into a unified whole that instantly creates an aura of success, expertise, and dedication to quality for everyone who walks through the door. Many of these signs have to follow legal parameters in design as well as location and installation. It is important to provide visually-impaired clients and associates a safe place to tactilely read the sign, out of the way of swinging doors and pedestrian traffic.

All of the signs your company uses should be part of this unified presentation from the architectural signage outside to window and door graphics, to ADA signage as well as all of your interior signs. Done well everyone who walks in your door will know what you do, your guiding philosophy, the attention you pay to details, and the value you place on your customers without your sales force even having to say a word. A unified branding across all the signage your company uses will allow your representative to create a space on a gymnasium floor that is uniquely branded as yours.

A successful implementation of wayfinding signs as part of your branding signage will:
• insure that a visitor can easily see the starting point and can conceptualize the destination;
• identify the current location at points along the way;
• offer reassurance that the visitor is going in the correct direction along the way;
• help the visitor identify any potential hazards along the way;
• and will identify the destination upon arrival.

Instead of putting up a sign outside, then adding a set of wayfinding and ADA signs inside, and adding unrelated signs on the wall over time, employing the services of an experienced sign company like Kaiser Graphics will ensure that your company is branded with integrated signage that bolsters and emphasizes your branding from the very first sight of your exterior and on into your building or office. Even if you implement the signage over time, your attention to detail and branding will be evident from the very beginning.

Signs are what Kaiser Graphics is all about and we’ve been making high quality signs of all kinds for 25 years: bannerstrade show displays, even acrylic fabrication and more. Call and let our experts help you from design to installation services--we are your sign experts and can help you every step of the way! 

Kaiser International and its group of companies is based in Houston Texas however we are no stranger to servicing businesses outside of our area and have serviced clients in all 50 states including New York NY, Los Angeles CA, Miami, FL. Chicago, IL. Denver CO., El Paso, Texas, Dallas TX DFW, San Antonio, TX, Austin, TX, Boise ID, Atlanta GA, Raleigh-Durham NC, Washington DC, Albuquerque NM, Huntsville AL, Fayetteville AR, N Norfolk VA ,  and Madison WI.

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