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Architecture Signs Help Guide Us Everyday

When walking into a building for the first time it can seem overwhelming, so thankfully there are architecture signs to guide the way.  There are placards in place to first identify the building.  This is important in a large city because many of the buildings will all resemble one another and this makes it difficult to know one from the other.  Also, in large cities, sometimes it is difficult to spot the street number that is assigned to the address.  That means that seeing an emblem over the main entrance is going to tell the visitor that they have reached their destination correctly.

Once inside a building, a visitor will be able to navigate the floors effectively thanks to the architecture signs that they will find in the lobby.  In most buildings, there is either a service desk or a directory in place to help the visitor find their way to the appropriate office, and in some buildings there will be both a directory and a help desk.  The directory will list each floor and the occupants of that floor in buildings that have multiple stories.  For those that are all one level, the directory will give the office number and name as well as directions to which corridor or hall that the visitor needs to travel to find them.

Architecture signs within a building are also erected to keep the visitor as well as the occupants safe and comfortable.  Exit placards mark the appropriate doorways in which to leave the building without sounding an alarm as well as the appropriate evacuation route exits in the event of an emergency.   Plaques that identify the area where the rest rooms can be found, as well as the gender identification make it easier for the visitor to navigate that portion of the building.  Other types of helpful architecture signs are those that identify telephone booths as well as cafeterias, first aid stations, and the security department for the building. 

Once a visitor has reached the appropriate floor or corridor, there will also be plaques above each corridor identifying it, as well as plaques above each door way entrance identifying the occupant of the office and other pertinent information such as hours of operation.  Inside the offices, there are many different types of instructional placards such as those denoting the visitors’ area, how to properly check in, and warnings such as those asking that the visitor please refrain from using their cell phones while in the office.

These architecture signs are extremely important to the visitor and even those who occupy the building.  Navigation is much more efficient if the visitor can simply look to a plaque or directory to find the information that they need.  These placards are also required by law to be accessible and informational to those who have hearing and visual impairments.  Brail and specialized telephone services are always found within these buildings to help those individuals with handicaps to be able to freely navigate the building as well as be safe in an emergency.

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