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The architectural signs and graphics your company uses to project your company’s image from the moment they drive up to your location has immense impact. Your signage solutions should be designed to integrate the location, purpose, and branding of your company from first glance. If you are looking to make your business a success, your architectural signs should not be the least expensive rendering of your logo and company name.

From the exterior to the interior your signs should constantly reinforce your branding and purpose. Even with ADA signs and signage you still have some flexibility in matching your décor through color and in a few other stylistic ways. By carving out a holistic continuance between your exterior architectural sign and your interior architectural signage, from your company name and logo to ADA and wayfinding signs, to subtle sales and other interior signs placed about, you are establishing yourself and your business as a serious company with a mission and purpose which defines your very space. The impact of this design from the outside in cannot be overemphasized. It can give your clients a deep-rooted confidence in your ability to help them with whatever brought them to your door. Inexpensive signs can give the opposite impression and send your clients to another company that does a better job of presenting themselves as an expert in the field.

Because signs and graphic art are such an important part of PR and branding, it’s not surprising that your architectural sign and signage design is closely aligned with architectural design, and as such is heavily influenced by the schools of art which influence the design. The art style you choose to represent your business can help brand your company. For instance, a spa and resort should blend effortlessly with the spa’s self-identity. If it has an island name, pastels and design inspired by an island paradise can help set the mood as “pure,” “natural,” and “relaxing.” The signs could be island rustic, perhaps even hanging between log posts. If you set the stage outside, clients would begin to shed the cares and stresses of their lives as soon as they drove up to your establishment. This design integrity is an important but often overlooked and underfunded chance to underscore your company’s quality and expertise to client’s without saying a word.

Only an established firm which has a superior graphic arts department that understands the importance of choosing the right materials and design to pull together the exterior building and location can blend it with your company’s logo, purpose, and mission on the architectural sign. If that graphics design center also has the talent on board to create and then install the signs you’ll need, it’s even better.

A great sign company will also be able to help you with all of your signs from printed flyers and banners to trade show exhibits that can bring your branding and space design to the trade show floor as well as to the acrylic fabrication of your custom signs and displays. It can also help you brand your company from the first glimpse your clients and associates have of it all the way to their last sight out of the corner of their eye. A company like Kaiser Graphics is just such a company. Printing and signs have been our only focus for over 23 years.

Kaiser International and its group of companies is based in Houston Texas however we are no stranger to servicing businesses outside of our area and have serviced clients in all 50 states including New York NY, Los Angeles CA, Miami, FL. Chicago, IL. Denver CO., El Paso, Texas, Dallas TX DFW, San Antonio, TX, Austin, TX, Boise ID, Atlanta GA, Raleigh-Durham NC, Washington DC, Albuquerque NM, Huntsville AL, Fayetteville AR, N Norfolk VA ,  and Madison WI.

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Exterior architectural signage is used to assist people in getting securely, quickly, and correctly from one location to the next. Having appropriate postings helps inform visitors and guests of directions, and some types inform people of necessary information not easily obtained elsewhere.
An Architectural Sign System Has Various Uses
An architectural sign system is used in many public buildings. This system of organizing placards makes sure that all signage is within the specified codes for building, fire and ADA compliance.
An Architecture Sign Tends To Give Direction
An architecture sign tends to be one that designates a permanent space. It is informative regarding the spaces, an exit placard, or speaks to accessibility. The ones that are considered to be of this type are generally required to follow some ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines.
The Purpose Of Architectural Exit Signs
Architectural exit signs are designed to tell people how to get off the premises in case of an emergency. This route should be easily accessible and without any obstructions. It should also lead directly outside to a street or refuge area that has access to the outside.
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Architectural sign design can be a defining process for any company. It will ultimately be a direct reflection of what a customer will expect throughout their specific business experience.
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When deciding on how to best market a business, sometimes simple concepts such as architectural sign design is the easiest and most cost effective.
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When walking into a building for the first time it can seem overwhelming, so thankfully there are architecture signs to guide the way. There are placards in place to first identify the building.
The Many Types Of Essential Architectural Signs
There are many types of essential architectural signs that are in use all over the communities, businesses and other types of organization services. It doesn’t matter if one is walking indoors or outdoors, there are directional symbols everywhere.
Architectural Signs Are Key For A Successful Company
Architectural signs are a key component in having a successful company. Think of it as your first impression.
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Architectural Sign Company
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Architectural Signs and Graphics
Your business’ architectural signs and graphics play a vital role in your company and the patrons they draw in.
Displaying 1 to 16 (of 16 articles) Result Pages:  1 

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