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Architectural Signs Are Key For A Successful Company

Architectural signs are a key component in having a successful company.  Think of it as your first impression.  When you walk up to meet someone for the very first time, and you haven’t shaved, your hair a mess, and you have dirty clothes with holes in them, you are not making a good first impression at all.  You will probably never be friends with that person because of that.  The same applies with your architectural signs.  A potential customer may drive or walk by and see that your building is old, ugly, and has a beat up business marquee.  After seeing something like that, they can tell that you do not take pride in what you do or what you sell, you are cheap, and because you have no pride in your business, you will not have pride and respect for the customers.  That is another horrible first impression. 

When getting architectural signs made, you have to consider a few things.  You want something that will get the attention of a passer-by, but you do not want to make something too complex.  If they are driving by, they will not have a lot of time to focus on it, so you need to make it flashy and simple.  The first thing people will notice about it will be the color.  Color can grab a person’s attention very quickly.  You generally want to stick with your traditional colors like black, white, red, blue, etc.  They fit the criteria of flashy, yet simple.  If a person has to squint their eyes because of the bright neon colors, that is too much. 

The style of the letters is the next thing that is noticed when people look at architectural signs, not to mention the color of the letters.  They have to contrast the background color.  The style, or font, is very important to business owners.  Most people will think that the more unique the font is, the more customers it will attract.  This is not the case though.  If you use a font that is too unique, then it may be too hard to read when driving by.  That is the thing you have to keep in mind.  Most of your potential customers are going to be in their vehicle passing by, and they will not have the time to stare at your sign so they can figure out what it says.  If they cannot read and understand it in a matter of seconds, then you just lost a customer. 

Placement and size also play an important role in architectural signs.  If you put it too low, then only a limited amount of people will be able to see it.  If it is too high, then no one will be able to read or understand it.  The right height is the key.  Do your research, and use your common sense on where to put it.  Depending on your location, the ideal height can be different.  Picking a size that can be seen for a long way off is what you need to do.  Of course, you can go too big.  Once again, do your research, and look at your landscape to determine these things. 


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