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Architectural Signs and Graphics

Your business’ architectural signs and graphics play a vital role in your company and the patrons they draw in.  The reason these signs are so vital is because although the majority of shop owners believe that a sign's total purpose is to distinguish their business from others nearby, patrons actually make purchases due to effective signage. Many studies nationally have shown over half of the sales made by patrons is a direct result from impulse buying, and the majority of these are from effective architectural signs and graphics.

The people who pass by your shop daily will be drawn in because of your effective architectural signs and graphics, and maybe a promotional item or a special sale displayed on your signage.  Having an original sign will definitely play a role in how effective the sign is. Many of the best signs are dramatic yet simple and to the point. Signs that resonante and linger in the mind tend are usually not ornate or wordy. A picture is really worth a thousand words.  Many times a one or two word message can be extremely successful in luring in customers. These simple and to the point signs will get right to the point are extremely effective in sales. Custom signage is also a key factor in presenting your professionalism and establishing your credibility wordlessly.  Don't forget, the most persuasive letter is one that is short and to the point, not the 3,000 page long treatise.

Your company's architectural signs are the very first thing people see when they pass by, and spectacular architectural signs and graphics can do an excellent service in creating a lasting first impression.  Remember, too, that the quality and professionalism of your signage speaks volumes regarding your businesses, products, merchandise, your staff, and especially your service.   Signs promote your company in every business aspect.  You have your shop placed in the perfect location and when you have the perfect signage, it will catch the attention of people that are driving by, enticing them to stop and come into your place of business.  The perfect architectural signs will not only promote your business, but the services and products that you are offering as well.  How many times when you were traveling did you notice a really awesome sign and think, “I need to turn around and check this place out”?  This truly does happen and good architectural signs and graphics can make that happen for you.

The architectural signs and graphics outside as well as in your office are crucial. Like a picture, they paint a memorable idea of  your company in the minds of all who visit or even just pass by. Planning and coordinating what your signs say and how they look can be beneficial to your business sales.

You cannot go wrong when you have the perfect signage supplier and designer on your team. While there are many online sign shops that say they can give you everything you are looking for, not all sign businesses are created equal.  If you can, get references from them so you can call and speak with others who have dealt with the supplier and how they met their needs.  This is a big step for your business and one you cannot afford to mess up, so research is a prime factor in looking for a sign supplier.

Two other factors are longevity and focus. A company like Kaiser International have been successfully helping companies market themselves and their products for 25 years. Their only business is signs: from design to installation services. We can help you develop your signage from banners and trade show displays to the acrylic fabrication of your custom signs and ADA signage. Call today.

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