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We may never give it a lot of thought but we rely on an architectural sign company for the signs that are all around us.  They guide us on city streets and busy highways.  They give us directions and point out what differentiates one area from another. 

You will see the work of an architectural sign company in architectural signs, both on the exterior and interior of buildings.  Interior signage would include directories such as what you see when you walk into a hospital lobby or a business office complex.  These custom signs direct you to what floor you need and once on that floor, there will also be wayfinding signs directing you where to go.   You may also see directories of donors, board of directors, business honorees as well as information about the building itself.

An architectural sign company can also provide signs for the various rooms that the public has access to such as emergency stations, telephones, rest rooms, conference rooms, cafeterias, information desks, security, elevators, escalators, exits, entrances, stairways, parking garages and the various ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act required services such as braille phones, text phones and auditory directories.  Your architectural sign company will also know that public buildings must also include ADA signage with required pictograms and braille and how your logo can legally be incorporated into them for branding.  

Outside you may see signs that depict the name of a building or a complex.  These signs also designate handicapped parking and restricted parking areas.  You will also notice these signs in front of businesses, headquarters, factories and other types of commercial buildings to signify who they are and what they do.

If you have ever been on a university campus, theme park, office park, multi-winged facility, mall, shopping center or beach, you have seen finger point signage.  You will often see it in parking lots that are vast in size.  It allows you to recall where you are parked and how to get to the attraction.  It is the oldest and most universally understood type of signage.  This type of architectural signage is the best solution for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

You will sign panels or directories as you approach a shopping mall.  These will usually offer the list of stores in the mall area and be accompanied by arrows pointing you in the direction of each store.  This makes navigating a large mall much easier. If you have ever visited a city or state park, you have no doubt looked to a directory to see where the various attractions were and to find out where you were on the park map.  This is another example of an architectural sign.
You will see freestanding signs and retail displays in stores, restaurants, and boutiques.   Complete sign companies like Kaiser Industries employ acrylic fabricators to offer their clients the most versatility and expertise in creating custom business signs possible. The graphics, as well as visibility and legibility are all carefully designed to attract your attention and then lead you to and around your destination. Kaiser Industries has been helping people discover stores, businesses, schools, and hospitals safely and easily for over twenty years. Call us today to help your new customers find your place of business.

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