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Advertising Through Truck Graphics

Are truck graphics a great way to advertise your business?  If you aren’t sure, consider the fact that many people will see your truck or van.  Consider the fact that in order for a newspaper ad to reach someone, they must buy or subscribe to the newspaper.  In order for a magazine ad to reach someone, they must subscribe to or buy the magazine.  In order for a radio ad to reach your audience, they must tune into that station.  The only way a television advertisement can reach your target audience would be if they were watching tv, and tuned to that particular channel.  This is not the case with truck graphics as a means of advertising.

Truck graphics do not cost the viewer anything to see your message.  They look up through their windshield while driving or view your ad while standing at an intersection awaiting the light to change.  They pull into a parking lot and there is your vehicle with your advertisement in plain sight.  That’s right, even if your vehicle is sitting idle in a parking lot at a store or making a delivery, your advertisement is still doing what a good ad should do, and that is selling your product or service to the public.

When comparing the cost of truck graphics to the costs of the other types of advertisements such as radio, television or magazine ads, the cost is much less.  Not to mention that you reach a much bigger audience at will.  Also, when buying ad time on television or radio or in print, you are limited by price as to what you can say and how big you can say it.  This is also not the case when you think of vehicle graphics.  Your canvas is literally the body of your vehicle.  Also other types of ads have recurring fees.  You have to maintain a payment on a weekly or monthly basis to stay current and in circulation.   With truck graphics, you have the initial cost of the graphic and that’s it. 

In the past, the idea was to get your advertisement in the local yellow pages, and, for that era, that was an excellent idea as everyone used the yellow pages when looking for a service or a product.  However, that is not the case any longer.  Most people have given up land lines and phone books long ago.  Now they rely on the “411” system on their cell phone.  Again, this was an annual expense that could be quite pricy. 

All of these advertising ideas of the past relied on someone to come looking for you.  With this type of an advertisement on your truck, van or fleet, you are bringing your message to them whether or not they are looking for your product or service at the moment.  Because there is no other distraction as they are reading it, they are much more likely to retain the information on your truck or fleet, recall it, and then use it when they need you!


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