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The Advantages Of Handicap Restroom Signs

Handicap restroom signs are used to help indicate the restroom that is best suited for a person with a disability.  The typical bathroom sign has a white stick figure rendering of a person in a wheelchair, with the picture on a blue background. These are affixed to the outside of the appropriate stall. These stalls tend to be larger, to help accommodate someone who must maneuver a wheelchair, so that there’s room to situate themselves and be able to use the facilities. They also have hand rails available for use in these stalls. Handicap restroom signs make it easy to identify which stall will accommodate them at a glance. Generally the accessible stalls are visibly larger from the outside, but the mounted placard on the stall door helps tremendously, especially in cases where you aren’t able to tell the stall size from the outside.

Handicap restroom signs, like other ADA signs, have specific guidelines addressing their information and placement. The font that is used and the color contrast, for example, both have to align with specific guidelines. If you aren’t certain you know the guidelines yourself, you’re going to want to make sure that the sign company you work with is familiar and current with the mandates.  You’re going to want to be sure that any signage you purchase from them will be in line with the standards that are set in place regarding them.

Unlike their parking lot counterparts, handicap restroom signs don’t indicate a place that is only allowed to be utilized by someone with a disability.  In a parking lot, you’re required by law to find somewhere else to park if you don’t carry the appropriate placard to hang from your mirror, or have the right license plates.  In a bathroom or other facility that is accessible by those with disabilities, the same rule isn’t in place.  The accessible stalls aren’t solely for use by those with disabilities, and ramps or other things meant to make it easier for someone in a wheelchair to access a building aren’t restricted to be used solely by people in a wheelchair.

In addition to the placards that are meant to attach directly to the stall door, there are also those that are affixed to the exterior door leading into the bathroom.  This will help indicate from the beginning that the facility is well suited for those needing the wheelchair access.

Since you’re going to want to make your business as accessible as possible to your customers, you should realize that the ADA requirements will help you make that possible.  It can be quite disheartening for someone dealing with a handicap to realize that there are no facilities available for them.  Handicap restroom signs will show your customers that their needs are important to your company. Knowing that they will not have to face any unreasonable obstacles when they frequent the building will give them some confidence and freedom.  The ADA requirements have been set in place to assist those with disabilities, making normal every day functions easier for them. 


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