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Why Acrylic Stands Are So Popular Today

Acrylic stands are perfect for any office, museum, book store or art gallery.  They are one of the most versatile display tool on the market today.  They come in such a wide range of styles and sizes, with an endless selection of inventory to choose from.

Book store owners will display the hot new novel as a centerpiece when one walks into their store.  Museums will have information and pamphlets strategically placed on the walls for passersby near the main entrance.  Doctor’s offices put magazines in wall-fixed holders.  They are also found in free standing counter top displays to hold medical or pharmaceutical brochures.  A boutique will show off their collector’s plates and art pieces using them as well.  Acrylic stands have become the mainstay in businesses everywhere. Their lightweight and moldable material makes them invaluable to any business owner.  The consumer can choose from displays that are round or square, ranging in size from magazine and brochure holders, to full sized wall units.  Does it need to be able to adjust in height or width?  Is there a need for something that is unusual and unique?  Will it need to fold down and set up quickly, but still be chic in design?  Are they for heavy art pieces, or lightweight pamphlets?  Whatever the display needs are, there is most likely something already out there that was designed for that specific purpose. If one is not able to find something that fits exactly what they are looking for, they can contact a sign company or a variety of plastic fabricators to help them.

Modern plastics have come such a long way over the past 50 years.  Many of the businesses out there that you can purchase them from will take your blue prints or CAD drawings and manufacture them to your individual needs.  Technology has even progressed to incorporate computers and bar coding into the pieces if you deem it necessary.  Customizing your acrylic stands is simple and very cost effective.  Many companies have a design team that will be happy to work with you for commercial, retail, or even industrial pieces.  They have experts that will assist you from the designing phase, all the way to the processing of your custom crafted product.  They can assist you with color options, display sizing, fold ability for travel usage, or answer any questions regarding weight limitations and durability. 

You can feel confident that when contacting a manufacturer, you will receive exceptional customer service that will give their highest quality standards and ensure that you are happy with the acrylic stands you purchase.  Most will offer same-day shipping when you purchase a product that is in their stock of inventory. 

Acrylic stands are stylish, technologically advanced, and incredibly cost effective for any budget.  Small business owners, artists, and large corporations alike will benefit from utilizing these handy tools in their everyday use. They are also quite valuable when used in trade shows and expos as well.  Bring your business into the modern day, technologically advanced stream and reap the benefits. 


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