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Unlike so many graphics or signs companies, at Kaiser Graphics all we do is signage. Whether printed or fabricated, our staff is experienced in all phases from design to installation services.

The new acrylic signs are beautiful, durable, and made completely on our premises. If you need to have an acrylic sign or display designed, made, and installed, let our experts at Kaiser Graphics help you!

Acrylic fabrication can make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for as you set up your restaurant or other food service establishment. For the kitchen, you can find all sorts of plastic items that help you serve others. You can also have a large number of signs made, especially if you’d like people to know exactly where everything belongs. Maybe you’d like a sign by the coffee to indicate what the choices are. There are bakery displays where you can display those fresh from the oven muffins or cookies, and your signs can identify those sweets as well. There are condiment holders, which can make it easy for someone to find the honey or the right jelly. Your fountain drink dispenser might feature different sizes of cups and lids, and acrylic fabrication helps make it easy for your customers to know which lid they need. This material is used in signs for all types of purposes.

Acrylic fabrication is incredibly versatile with many different looks, styles, and even purposes. From custom illuminated outdoor architectural signs to specially designed display cases and signs in stores and businesses everywhere—the usefulness of custom acrylic fabrication (sometimes also called Lucite or plexiglass fabrication) is unending. Beautiful acrylic plaques, trophies, awards and even artwork extend the utility of acrylic for stores, businesses, non-profits, and individuals everywhere.

No matter your business or specialty, acrylic fabrication is affordable, functional, and chic. If you’re outfitting a sporting goods store, there is any number of sign products displays available that will make your business more efficient in a unique way.  Whether you need branded retail display stands to showcase an individual knife, or a number of different knives, bow and arrows or athletic shoes displays, the options you have are limited only by your imagination with these custom made displays. Of course there are also many different acrylic wayfinding signs that will help people effortlessly navigate the aisles of your store.

If you’re looking for signs and retail displays for a cosmetic or jewelry counter, or for a retail clothing store, a complete sign company can come through for you with custom signs solutions. Displays come in all sizes and shapes, from small to huge, and some can swivel on their base for an easier way to view the merchandise. There are also cases that lock, so you have that added security if you want to include some more valuable items in your inventory. You can have any display custom made and branded with your logo or integrated signs through acrylic fabrication.

Though you may be overwhelmed by just how many there are, the company you choose to work will be able to help you narrow down your sign choices, and provide you with details and ideas for any custom signs you may need. Kaiser Industries has been helping people with signs of all kinds for nearly 25 years: from banners to kiosks and trade show displays. Call them today to get the ball rolling. 

Kaiser International services the following Suburbs and Counties in Houston TX:

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Displaying 1 to 22 (of 22 articles) Result Pages:  1 

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