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Access Signs And Their Reasoning

With all of the rules and regulations today, you are seeing more and more access signs in buildings and areas.  These are made for a very important reason, and that is to let people know whether they can use that particular place or not.  Most of the ones you see today are to let you know if certain areas and buildings are able to be used by the handicapped.  You will see these access signs on restrooms, water fountains, ramps, etc.  An obvious place that you see them is parking places.  That way you know that, if you are handicapped, you can park here to help you out.  Those are called ADA signs.  Not all of them are ADA though.  A lot of places have wireless internet and like to let everyone know that, so they put up a sign stating such.  When making them, you have to consider a few things.  Like everything, there are rules and guidelines.

With ADA access signs, there are specific regulations that you must abide by.  These regulations tell you everything you need to know about how and where to put these markers.  You have to hang them at just the right height so that a person in a wheelchair can see them, but also clearly visible to everyone else.  If the ADA marker is going to have the universal handicap symbol on it, then they are going to be blue with the picture in white.  They also usually have everything put into Braille as well just in case someone with eye sight loss or impairment needs it.  All ADA signage markers must follow these guidelines. 

If you need to make regular access signs, then you do not have a specific set of rules to follow.  However, you do need to keep a few things in mind.  The first thing to think of is the size.  You need an indicator that will catch the eyes of everyone, but not make it a hindrance to get around it.  You may even need two different sizes.  One can be for the people in your store or who are walking by, and the other needs to be a lot bigger and placed outside high on the building for everyone to see from the roadway.  When it comes to advertising, sizes does matter.  Just be sure not to overdo it.

Color is a very important element when trying to inform your customers about the availability of things.  You need a color that will stand out from the surroundings.  Have something that is not too bright so as not to blind your customers, but something that will definitely turn their heads.  Make sure the contrast between the background color and the lettering coloring is a good match.  It has to be easy to read and see. 

The style of the letters, which is also called the font, needs to be easy on the eyes when making access signs.  It is nice to be different and have a fancy or unique font style, but, if you make it too complicated, people will not spend the time to try to figure out what it says.  The key to this problem is unique, but simple.  You can use your own judgment on this. 


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