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All About Vinyl Graphics Decals

Vinyl graphics decals have gained tremendous popularity over the recent years.  One of the main reasons they are so widely used is because they appeal to two groups of people. The first group is the younger generation who loves to customize their vehicles.  There are thousands of different designs for them to choose from, and this is more cost effective than a brand new paint job.  The other target groups that buy and use vinyl graphics decals are the business owners.  It doesn’t matter if it is a small or large company; this is a great way to advertise the company name or a product.  It is less expensive than other ways to promote a company, and just as effective.  Any vehicle can benefit from getting these wraps.

The most common type of vehicle you see on the road is the car.  Whether it is a sports car or a full size sedan, you see then everywhere.  With that being said, this is the vehicle that you will see more wraps on.  In the world of advertising, this is a good vehicle to use to promote a product, but because of the shape and overall size, it may not be the best choice.  There was a study done to see just how effective stickers, signs and vinyl graphics decals on vehicles are, and the results were very conclusive.  It showed that over 90% of the people on the road will turn to look at and read any lettering or pictures that are on vehicles.  So any car, truck, SUV, or van will do the job, but there are some that are a better fit when it comes to getting more exposure. 

A lot of large corporations have a whole fleet of vehicles at their disposal for various reasons.  Their choice is a van.  As far as looks and style, the van may not be your top pick, but when it comes to advertising for your company, they are very useful.  The shape of a van tends to give it more surface area in which you can put vinyl graphics decals on.  With a van you can get a bigger size to put on the sides, or like with any vehicle you can get the whole van covered and really turn heads.

For obvious reasons, the best vehicle to use to put these wraps on would be a full size SUV.  The front of the SUV is like any other, but the middle and back of it is different and better equipped for a big advertisement or design.  The back is more box-shaped than a van or a car so you have a better canvas to work with.   This is the closest you can get to a billboard on wheels as far as regular vehicles go. As mentioned above, the rewards are great and plenty, no matter what type of vehicle you choose to put them on.  The effectiveness of vinyl graphics decals for advertising is superior to the normal means of getting your business noticed.

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