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All About Vehicle Wrap Installers

So you have decided that you want to purchase an ad for your car, but you are wondering what you should know about the vehicle wrap installers who will ultimately be the ones to apply this form of advertising.  As with many other types of business where skill is involved, often the key ingredients are experience and training.  The length of time that a business has been installing wraps is one great advantage to strive for when interviewing companies.  The likelihood that the people who work at this type of a business have experience is rather high, because they have likely been involved with it for several years.  The old adage that practice makes perfect certainly does apply, especially with a particular skill set of this type.

In the past few years, these advertisements have become more and more attractive to those seeking this type of exposure.  For this reason, the need for vehicle wrap installers has increased as well in order to meet this rising demand.  Many companies that sell the vinyl products used to make these types of signage now offer specific training in these areas.  These are known as Wrap Academies. 

This type of training is offered to some businesses as an onsite type of training, while others require that you physically attend classes at their campus.  The benefit of having trained vehicle wrap installers is that they gained some experience while at the school, as well as learning what not to do which can sometimes be just as value as learning how to do it correctly.  This means that you have people who may not have been on the job as long, but still have trustworthy experience behind their skills. 

Also, don’t be shy when you are interviewing a business.  If they are going to be your vehicle wrap installers then you have every right to question their credentials as well as their experience, because after all you are the customer.  Of course it goes without saying that not everyone must attend a certified training academy to be versed well in the art of installation. 

You might also ask the company that you are interviewing if they have any samples of their work or any examples that you could see as far as other vehicles that they may have wrapped in the past.  Reputable vehicle wrap installers will quickly and happily provide a portfolio of their work, as well as providing either pictures or directions to a location that you can go to view some of their work in the area.

Another key resource would be asking for references that you can call and converse with.  Ask their former customers if they are happy with the work that was done, and if they would recommend them to others.  If the answer is no, then ask if they might be willing to refer you to another company that might have had a positive impact on their business.  Chances are that you will find what you are looking for if you are a smart shopper and do a bit of homework before you decided to hire a company for installation.

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