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All About ADA Braille Signs

ADA Braille signs can be found everywhere that regular signs are found.  The Americans with Disabilities Act made up a set of requirements that must be met when installing these markers in a public building.  These special signs, along with the guidelines, were formed in order to make it easier on people with disabilities to navigate their way around in public places and buildings.  By doing this, their goal is to make all of these indicators uniform so that everyone can be familiar with them and not have to keep adapting to new styles and such.  ADA Braille signs and the regular versions pretty much go hand in hand, but there are some differences.

The specifications on ADA Braille signs are very strict, but all for a purpose.  One thing that is stressed about the placement of these markers is that they are put along the side of a building or a sidewalk or pathway that leads them around the property.  This is the easiest place for the visually impaired to find them.  If they were just scattered in random places, then a blind person would most likely never find their way around alone.  It’s all about making it to where they can do it themselves.  When you are putting them up on the entry way to a permanent area or room, it is required to put them on the side of the door where the hinges are.  It is also in the requirements to hang them 60 inches from the floor to the center of the marker.  This way it is just about eye level with the average person.  You should find these ADA Braille signs anywhere you find any other kind navigational signs.  Due to the fact that the regular style is going to be seen and not felt, there are more rules and regulations to follow.

With the normal ADA signage markers, you have to take into consideration the fact that they will need to be seen by all passers-by.  The colors have to be bright, without going too far, and the color of the lettering has to be in direct contrast to make it easy to read and understand.  The most well known marker to indicate if a restroom or area is accessible to the handicap is the “wheelchair” symbol.  It has a blue background, and the picture is done in white.  This makes it very noticeable to anyone.  They are very strict on the type of font that you can use as well.  The regulations say to use Sans Serif font.  As you have probably guessed, this is a basic text font.  It is nothing fancy, but it is easy to read, even from a good distance away.  ADA Braille signs are found outside, but not really used on the parking spaces.  This is one place that is not needed.  The requirements on parking spaces are detailed like all of the other rules.  There has to be a marker in front of every space that indicates that it is accessible to the handicap.  If it is wider for a van to use, then there must be an indicator for that as well. 

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